Year round rattan garden furniture

As we all know the UK is subject to various extremes of weather patterns and this can have quite an impact you your garden furniture. It is often difficult to imagine quite how cold and wet it gets in the UK in the winter months when you are standing in a garden centre in the middle of a barmy summer day. The temptation is to think that the garden furniture you are looking at will look as it does in the showroom throughout the year and will surely last a lifetime. You may want to think again!

There is a reason these large multiples sell such a large amount of garden furniture and that’s because it only lasts one year! Many of the softwood garden furniture ranges will rot if left out in the rain and at the very least the rest of the wooden furniture ranges will need some sort of maintenance to keep it in good order.

Rattan Garden Furniture is the exception to the rule and truly has a year round ability to live outside. I would still advise to cover your furniture in the winter mind you as nothing is immune from good old fashioned dirt. Apart from the everyday dirt that will show up on anything left outside the rattan furniture at Zebrano is capable of staying outside all year round. The rattan itself is a synthetic rattan and is made from a PVC which means that it is not susceptible to the rain or sun. Combine this with the fact that the rattan is woven around an aluminum frame which is in itself rust resistant you have an all weather item of furniture.

Even if you are unable to cover your rattan garden furniture in the winter months it is easy to clean when the spring arrives. The fact that the rattan is synthetic means that it is easily washed down with hot soapy water. Even a jet spray can be used to get into the harder to reach areas. This ability to keep the furniture clean is very useful as anyone who has spent a day sanding and oiling wooden garden furniture will testify to. Gone are the days of spending all day washing your furniture, then sanding it all down before finally rubbing teak oil in all just to stop it from falling apart.

All weather rattan garden furniture is called this for a good reason. The reason is that it can stand up to the rigors of the UK winter time and still come out looking like new. Anyone in the market for a stress free or maintenance free garden furniture solution would be well advised to give Zebrano Rattan Garden Furniture a go.