Will my Rattan Garden Furniture Fade in the sun?

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Will my Rattan Garden Furniture Fade in the sun?


One of the major benefits of our rattan garden furniture is that it does not fade when exposed to sun light.  The most important factor talked about by our customers and our staff for that matter is that the furniture is all weather.  Part of that ‘all weather’ tag is the fade resistance it has to the sun.  Granted the most significant factor is that it stands up to the weather from a stability point of view. 

It is our opinion that if the furniture was ok to leave out all year round but then faded it would surely ruin the aesthetic and therefore the overall appeal.  In our case Zebrano rattan garden furniture is fade resistant and therefore does not loose its color when left outdoors for a prolonged period.

Fading occurs in goods left outside for prolonged periods due to the UV (Ultra Violet) light emitted from the sun.  There is UV light emitted from the sun on a daily basis and it does not have to be blistering sun shine for the UV to impact of items.  It is the resistance to the UV light that makes our rattan furniture so good in an outdoor environment. 

Our rattan furniture is manufactured using a synthetic material similar to that of PVC and this has a UV resistant element to it.  Therefore the furniture also has this same UV resistance and is ideal for outdoor use.  For further explanation on our products from the manufacturing process to the style and design please check out our about rattan garden furniture page or visit our rattan Q and A on our blog.