Will my Rattan Garden Furniture Fade in the sun?

One of the major benefits of our rattan garden furniture is that it does not fade when exposed to sun light.  The most important factor talked about by our customers and our staff for that matter is that the furniture is all weather.  Part of that ‘all weather’ tag is the fade resistance it has to the sun.  Granted the most significant factor is that it stands up to the weather from a stability point of view. 

It is our opinion that if the furniture was ok to leave out all year round but then faded it would surely ruin the aesthetic and therefore the overall appeal.  In our case Zebrano rattan garden furniture is fade resistant and therefore does not loose its color when left outdoors for a prolonged period.

Fading occurs in goods left outside for prolonged periods due to the UV (Ultra Violet) light emitted from the sun.  There is UV light emitted from the sun on a daily basis and it does not have to be blistering sun shine for the UV to impact of items.  It is the resistance to the UV light that makes our rattan furniture so good in an outdoor environment. 

Our rattan furniture is manufactured using a synthetic material similar to that of PVC and this has a UV resistant element to it. Therefore the furniture also has this same UV resistance and is ideal for outdoor use.  

all weather rattan in the sun

All-weather Furniture.

Do you want to make the most out of your outdoors with the latest in garden furniture? Why not consider rattan furniture? Rattan garden furniture can make your garden appear unique and stylish by giving it a natural touch. And, if you have ever considered an alternative to wood, then you are at the right place. Rattan is the most ideal replacement for hardwood outdoor furniture. Wait a minute; rattan is wicker and can only last if kept indoors? So why consider Rattan furniture? The old-fashioned natural wicker rattan would not be the best choice for outdoor living as it is not really designed to live outside. However Zebrano’s all-weather rattan furniture is designed to withstand not only the UV light from the sun but also the rain and the cold and is a great choice of outdoor living.

With the right furniture, your garden can be very inviting in the summer months. But, how does this furniture fair come winter? As the name suggests, all-weather rattan furniture simply means just that. It can stay outside all year round, irrespective of the weather, without being affected. All you need to do is take the cushions inside and leave the furniture out in the garden. At Zebrano Rattan, we use materials designed to withstand extremes in snow, hot summer sun, rain and even frost.
Our Selection.

Whether you want all-weather cube sets, sofas sets, daybeds or dining sets, we have then all. Zebrano has developed contemporary designs that match with the tastes of most urbanites to enable them to feel the comfort of outdoor relaxation. Most of our furniture is fortified with Powder Coated Aluminum Frame that stays rust free to ensure that your furniture lasts along time. Most of our multi-seater dinner sets have table tops that can be converted into permanent storage. Your stools can conveniently fit under the chairs. Check our collection online at and look at our collections. Contact us on 0333 1210218 and we will answer you immediately.

How to maintain your patio set.

How about maintenance? That is the main selling point of this furniture. You only need a garden hose to spray and the pieces will be spotlessly clean. No need for upholstery costs! So if you have some naughty children, you will be not be worried about the damages they will cause on the furniture. All our cushions are zipped for easy removal and cleaning.

Zebrano specializes in all-weather furniture and our comfort is second to none. We have modular sets that can be arranged in U- shapes or L- shapes to suit you preferences. Our beautifully designed lounges, with their double-weave around arms and back, will give you the desired comfort as you listen to the chirping birds outdoors.

Well, without mentioning colour, we cannot conclusively determine the merits of all weather furniture. We have colours to compliment the textures and tones of your terrace. Our dark brown furniture will surely match with natural pea shingle, terracotta tiles or even a patio of brick. Any of these will ooze beauty and class. For most traditional gardens, a natural weave or grey coloured furniture with some ridged or scraped surface in each strand will perfectly match. Even if your terraces are decorated with chipped granite, or wooden in form, we will get the perfect combination that will blend well with your colour theme. As discussed above the UV resistance of our furniture ensures that whichever colour you choose there will be no fading to worry about.

Visit us today and start your journey to choosing the best outdoor garden furniture for you.