Top Tips on Assembling Rattan garden furniture.

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Top Tips on Assembling Rattan garden furniture.


First up you need to open the box and lay out all the component parts to see what you are up against.  I have put together a few flat pack wardrobes from that famous Swedish company.  I won’t mention there name but suffice to say it is a little like ‘Idea’ (As in ‘No Idea’ why I am in this shop again.  Or, ‘No Idea’ why anyone would make a wardrobe out of chipboard! )   Anyway Zoe loves it in there!   We have on occasion been known to purchase something that needs a degree in assembly and yours truly is tasked with the job of putting it all together.

Luckily for all of our customers there are no such problems when it comes to our rattan garden tables.  So, as I was saying you need to lay out all the component parts and check that all the numbers and parts add up to what you should have.  The instructions will tell you what you should have.  We have these parts Quality Controlled and I can say that it is VERY unlikely that you will not have the correct parts.  They say never say never but I can only recall a handful of cases where any of the hard wear has been missing.  To be honest I think even in these cases that they may well have been thrown away with the boxes in error.  

Assuming it is all there you now need to set the table top face down on your grass.  Alternatively for those of you that have a bad back you may want to place the table top on the top of your old table so that you can work at a more comfortable height.

There will be four sections to the legs and each one will not only bolt to the table top but also to another leg section.  The trick here is to loosely bolt each section together.  The big mistake when putting the tables together is that you over tighten a bolt before moving onto the next one. By the time you come to fitting the last two or three bolts the table will not reach the holes and you swear blind that the table will not go together correctly.  In reality all you need to do is attached each bolt loosely at first, that way the table has far more flexibility when you move around it and you will find that all the parts fit together easily.  

To be honest there are only about 8 bolts that need tightening on any of our tables so the job will be complete within a few minutes.  Once you have all the bolts in place you can go back around them all and tighten them up.  Once this is complete you can turn your table over and place the glass on the top.  Of course if you have any problems just give us a call and we will try to help you out.