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Why the Rattan Cube is the ultimate in space saving Rattan Garden Furniture.


As we have already seen Rattan Garden Furniture has many benefits for both the retail and commercial consumer. Lightweight, easy to clean, color fast, and many more but in this article we are going to discuss the space saving qualities with particular reference to the rattan garden cube sets. As the name suggests the cube sets do indeed start life as a cube. From this cube you can remove the chairs to reveal a table and a set of footstools. The chairs have a fold up back for enhanced comfort and also have both back and seat cushions.

The table is in fact very large considering the space saving elements of the set. The tables come in three sizes and come with either two, four or six chairs. Each chair has an optional footstool which is stored underneath the chair. As mentioned above the stool stows in the chair and then the chair can be pushed under the table. This is an ingenious design and for those properties or even businesses that require the extra space it is an excellent selling point.

As the sets are manufactured from the synthetic PVC the sets can remain outdoors all year round so if you have limited space you can close the cube into its closed position and leave it in a corner while not in use. As we have seen in our previous article ‘year round rattan garden furniture’ the rattan can remain outside unscathed. The frames are all aluminum and this means that they are rust resistant. The cube designs really lead the way in the emergence of the rattan garden furniture business and remain a popular item and a best seller to this day.

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