How do I make sure I am getting value for money?

With the expansion of the rattan garden furniture market and the influx of many more retailers you can find yourself somewhat lost as to which way to turn.  If you are looking for good quality rattan furniture that is also great value then obviously I’m going to say that Zebrano is the place to be.  That said if you are looking elsewhere then here are a few key questions you need to get answered before you purchase.

1.    What material is the frame of the furniture made from?  

You are looking for the answer here to be aluminium.  The reason we want aluminium frames is because all other metals will rust once the water gets in.  You do not want rusting frames as this will lead to the frames becoming unstable and ultimately falling apart.  In the shorter term it will also lead to rusty water stains all over your patio!

2.    Does the Rattan fade in the sun?

You don’t want a cheap rattan set that fades in the sun.  There is nothing worse than faded furniture as it really makes the whole set look old and dated.  

3.    Are you going to be able to wash your cushions?

This might sound like a small point but if you are spending a few hundred pounds on a suite then you want to make sure it is going to look nice year after year.  In the case of Zebrano Rattan all the cushions are zipped and washable.  Therefore you can make the set look as good as new each year.  In the case of some of the cheaper sets available you will find they do not spend the extra on making the cushions washable.  To make matters worst most sets are available with very light coloured cushions and therefore dirt shows up much more.

These are just a few things to look out for when making your purchase.  They may not seem that large but together they make a cheap suite into a great suite and you will thanks us in years to come when your Zebrano rattan suite still looks as good as new!