About Rattan Garden Tables

Rattan Buying Guide

We have already looked at the various options as far as rattan garden chairs are concerned so here I will be looking at rattan garden tables. So you have chosen your most comfortable chair and you are now considering the table. In the case of Zebrano rattan garden furniture you can match any chair with any table so you will have plenty to pick from. First up is to think about the number of people you will be thinking of seating. Normally this is two separate numbers as you have the everyday number and then the occasional number when you have guests. You will never be able to satisfy every possible option so you need to think about what is your desired use most likely to be.


Here at Zebrano rattan we have narrowed this down to four categories, 4 seater tables, 6 seater tables, 8 seater tables, and 10 seater tables. Within each category you will find square, rectangular, round and oval rattan tables to choose from. Once you have narrowed down the number you require make sure that you have the space to accommodate such a table.  We are trying to add to the website an overall dimension planner so that you can see what the dimensions are when the chairs are around the table. At the moment you can see the table dimensions but what would be useful is a patio planner which tells you the total space required to fit any given suite. I will blog about this when we have it sorted so keep an eye out for it.


Think about your own patio or outdoor space and try to picture which shape would fit best for you. The general consensus is that a round table is more sociable as everyone can see each other and eye contact is important when making conversation. The rectangular tables are considered more formal and the oval tables are seen as somewhere in between. Often the ascetic is as important as the functionality as many people simple prefer the look of one shape over the other. One thing to keep in mind is that round tables tend to take up a little more room on the patio. Often patios are longer one way than the other and with a round table you need the same distance out as you do across.


As far as the manufacturing quality you will be happy whichever tables you buy from Zebrano as they are all build in the same manor. A lot of care is taken to weave the all weather synthetic rattan around the frame of each table to ensure a good finish. Each table has an aluminum frame and a glass top which means that the whole thing can be left outside all year round.