Rattan Buying Guide: Rattan Garden Dining Sets.

Rattan Buying Guide


As part of our rattan buying guides here we are looking at the rattan garden dining sets. After the original all weather rattan sofa sets became such a hit across Europe the dining sets were quick to follow. Hotels and restaurants initially had the all weather rattan sofa sets flowing from inside to out and really highlighting the flexibility of the resign weave rattan. Soon the all weather rattan was used to design and manufacture dining sets which again were used for both indoors and out. To this day all the dining sets have glass tops for easy wipe clean and also because it really sets off the modern design of the furniture.

What to look for in a rattan dining set.

First and foremost you need to address the quality of your rattan dining set. At Zebrano we only supply high quality aluminum framed outdoor furniture which is not only rust proof but also fade resistant. Secondly you need to consider how you intend to use the suite. Is for formal dinner parties? If so then the rectangular tables lend themselves to a more formal environment. If it is simply for socializing with friends and family then perhaps the round or even the oval dining sets work best.

New for this year

We have several new rattan dining sets this year and the one that really stands out is the Barcelona rattan dining sets. This suite is not available anywhere else on the market and it is therefore exclusive to Zebrano. The chairs are not only stylish but also very comfortable.

Contemporary or traditional?

If the latest designs are not for you then you can rest assured that Zebrano will have something that will suit your requirements as we have over 30 different dining sets to choose from. If you prefer a more traditional feel then have a look at the Hamilton dining set or if contemporary is your thing try the Cadiz dining set.  If you simply cant decide then here is a list of the best selling sets which may be worth having a closer look at.

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