About Rattan Garden Daybeds

Rattan Buying Guide

We have recently added a few rattan buying guides to our blog and I thought it may be useful to add the same information here in our about rattan garden furniture section.  This guide is all about rattan garden daybeds.  The first thing to look out for when looking to purchase rattan daybeds is the quality of the products.  It is all very well to buy a great looking piece of furniture but you really need to ensure that it will last the test of time.  Here at Zebrano we guarantee our quality and we ensure that the goods are fit for purpose. All of our rattan garden furniture is made using the same rigorous quality controls and we are happy to stand by our products.  For further information on the manufacture please see our ‘how is Zebrano rattan manufactured’ in our about rattan garden furniture section.


If you are considering choosing a different supplier then we would advise you to pay particular attention to the frame and also the quality of the rattan.  The frames must be made from aluminum as this ensures that they are rust free and anything that is outside all year round must be resistant to rust.  The other key is to make sure that the synthetic rattan is of a high quality.  Here at Zebrano we have both aluminum frames and high quality rattan.  Once the quality has been established you need to consider the intended use of the daybed. 


The question of intended use may sound a little strange but you may be better off with one daybed over another depending on what you will use it for.  For example if you feel that you will be sun bathing or curling up for a nap then perhaps the Venice Daybed may be your best bet.  The Venice is a large oval shape with no moveable parts and therefore sleeping or lying back flat is very easy.  If on the other hand you may want to use the daybed not only for sleeping but also as a type of sofa then perhaps the Chelsea Daybed or the Jade Daybed may be the better option.  Both the Chelsea and the Jade can made moved apart to form a sofa with footstools that can double up as extra seating or a coffee table.  So it is fair to say that these two daybeds are more flexible and will serve a greater variety of uses.