About Rattan Garden Chairs

Rattan Buying Guide

We have decided to start a new series in our about rattan garden furniture page on buying guides.  First up is buying guide to rattan garden chairs.  I think the most important issue to consider before you start your search for rattan garden chairs is what you intend to use the chair for.  This may sound a little strange as we all know what a chair is for! What I mean is, are you going to be using the chair for eating?  Are you perhaps going to be using the chair for relaxing?  Some many even say that they will not get a huge amount of sitting done and if fact require a stylish addition to there patio.


If we consider that you intend to use the chair for meal times and therefore a comfortable dining position is best for you.  A chair may look fantastic but is it comfortable for your needs?  I personally think that comfort is everything when considering a chair.  You can sometimes sit on a chair and be very comfortable but when you get home you realize that while comfortable to sit on it is in fact uncomfortable to dine with.  If you require a dining chair then a more upright position is best as you can eat your meal without being perched on the edge leaning forward.  As far as the Zebrano range of rattan chairs I would suggest either the Cadiz rattan chair or the Girona rattan chair as the perfect dining chairs.  Both of these chairs are upright and ideal for dining.


If relaxing is your thing then you could do with a more reclined chair with larger proportions.  That way you can adjust your seating position when sitting for a longer period of time. If you are lucky enough to have the time to relax then something like the Bilbao rattan chair is best for you. The Bilbao has a thick curved back and is made at a more reclined angle than the Cadiz or Girona chairs.  The arms are also thick and much more comfortable to rest your arms on for longer periods.  It is still a dining chair so you can eat while sitting on the Bilbao but it is more popular for those that enjoy sitting outside for extended periods.


If you are torn between requiring a dining chair and requiring a relaxing chair then perhaps the Barcelona rattan chair  would be the choice fro you.  The Barcelona has the larger frame and slightly tilted back angle and is therefore more comfortable than say the Cadiz or Girona chair.  It is however more upright than the Bilbao so it is considered more comfortable when dining.


As far as looks we are all different in that field and you will be attracted to whichever chair suits your taste.  Whichever chair you go for you can rest assured that the build quality of the Zebrano range is equally high on any chair.  All our chairs have been built using aluminum frames and with the all weather rattan woven around to form the chair itself.  All our chairs are designed to stay outside all year round.  I will be adding to our rattan buying guide with guides on rattan dining tables, rattan dining sets, rattan sun loungers, rattan cube sets and much more so keep an eye on our about rattan garden furniture page for details.