Improve the look of your garden with a rattan garden corner set

A garden corner set is the perfect outdoor furniture for creating a friendlier and more intimidate gathering between friends and family. Corner sets have sofas which form a 90-degree angle in the middle so that people on each side can easily communicate with one another. There is also a coffee table and other kinds of tables offered with many of our corner sets. You can use these tables for eating and drinking on while you’re relaxing in front of your garden outdoors. They also go great with outdoor barbeques where everyone can eat together and have a good time.

Rattan corner sets great for getting a tan.

For those of you who like to get a suntan outdoors, rattan corner sets are a much more comfortable way of getting one. You no longer have to go to the beach and lie out on the uncomfortable and messy sand. Plus, the days of lying on stretched out lawn chairs are over. Now you can get a tan while lying on a comfortable sofa with a cushion underneath your body. You don’t have to worry about the sofa getting damaged from the sun either because our synthetic rattan material is resistant to ultraviolet rays.

corner sets look great in the garden

Corner sets look great in any garden.


Primarily, rattan corner sets go wonderfully with gardens. If you have an aesthetically pleasing garden with lots of colorful crops and flowers, a corner set will provide a place where you, your family, and/or your guests can admire the true beauty of nature like never before. And, if that’s not encouraging enough, how about the fact that gardens with outdoor corner sets will increase the value of the property. For example, if you were to sell your home and you wanted to give buyers an extra incentive to make a deal, then you could offer them the corner set as a bonus along with the rest of the property. They simply won’t be able to resist such a sweet deal.

Indoor corner sets.


You often see corner sets portrayed as indoor furniture but not so much as outdoor furniture like ours. The reason for this is due to the synthetic rattan material that we use to create all our furniture. These fibers have been formulated to be extra flexible and strong in order to preserve their lifespan. Since good furniture needs to be flexible and strong, that makes our synthetic rattan corner sets the best. They can withstand your average rain and windy weather conditions without leaving a dent or degrading the quality of the material at all.

Natural verses synthetic rattan corner sets.

Do not confuse synthetic rattan with natural rattan that comes from the natural fibers of palm plants. Although natural rattan fibers have some flexibility and durability too, they will not last as long outdoors as our synthetic rattan. You can leave our rattan corner sets outside on your patio or deck all year long and it will stay in great shape. Compare this to the traditional wicker furniture which gets damaged very quickly when left outside and you will understand why ours is the better investment. You will be able to keep the same corner set for years while needing to do little maintenance to it.

All Corner Sets made with same attention to detail.

When choosing a specific rattan corner set, you can focus on the style you like as they are all manufactured to the same high standards. The framework of most of the corner sets is aluminum, which makes them light to move around but still durable enough to withstand tough weather. The biggest decision will be about how many coffee tables or footstools you want to be included with it. The colors of the cushions can always be changed later because the cushion covers are removable. So, all you would need to do is purchase different color covers and put them on the cushions to create a new look for your corner set.

Rattan Garden Cube Sets have been our best selling outdoor furniture products almost since the start of trading. They are so versatile and can be used for both dining and for relaxing and putting your feet up. These sets can be packed away to compact cubes and then opened up to comfortably seat all your guests. Perfect for space saving or for those a little pushed for room on their patio.

Rattan Casual Dining Sets have been designed to not only be great for sitting at while eating but also be comfortable enough to relax and unwind once the food has been finished. As the name suggests the emphasis here is on casual dining and you will find many of our sets come with rattan sofas to complement the dining experience.

10 seat rattan dining sets are a must have for the true entertainer. If you have the space and love a summer BBQ then what could be better than one of Zebrano Rattans 10 seat rattan dining sets. We have some stunning offers on all of our range and there is something for everyone.

Our 8 seat rattan dining sets are designed with the larger family in mind and are stunning additions to any outdoor space. Large enough to entertain your family and friends, you are sure to create some great memories when you combine one of Zebrano’s garden dining sets with some great sunny weather.

6 seat rattan dining sets are not only built to live outside all year round but also built to survive the modern family. Wipe clean synthetic rattan weave and toughened glass table tops means that these garden suites are perfect for a growing family and their friends.

Zebrano 4 seat rattan dining sets are the perfect addition to any family looking to embrace outdoor living. As the name suggests they are designed to seat four with amble space for condiments and BBQ accessories. All sets are UV protected and therefore do not fade in direct sunlight and are designed to live outside all year round.

Our two seat garden bistro sets are designed for the more compact space and would complement a balcony or a small patio area. Built using our all weather synthetic rattan weave they are designed to not only look great but also last the test of time. Perfect for the more intimate of gatherings.

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