Conservatory Furniture

Rattan conservatory furniture has for many years been the preferred choice when considering furnishing a conservatory or sun room.  The reason for this is rattan conservatory furniture is practical, reliable and if you look in the right places affordable.  Traditionally, when we use the word rattan we are referring to a natural product grown low down in the forests of South East Asia.  More recently we have seen the emergence of a synthetic rattan which has also been used in the production of rattan conservatory furniture.

Traditional or naturally grown rattan is from the same family as bamboo and has similar properties as they are both fast growing and very strong.  About 70% of the worlds rattan is grown in Indonesia with the rest coming from Sir Lanka, Bangladesh and Malaysia.  Rattan has long since been used in the production of conservatory furniture and the new synthetic rattan is now also beginning to make an impact.

Synthetic rattan is man made and is both colour fast and resilient to all weathers. This in essence makes the rattan ideal for garden furniture as it will not fade in the sun light and also withstands the extremes of both sun and rain.  We have seen the emergence of the all weather rattan in the production of conservatory furniture as it has the appearance and comfort of the naturally grown rattan and it often comes to market with a more attractive price tag.  

Here at Zebrano we specialize in the all weather rattan while also having a few suites available in the naturally grown rattan.  Our rattan conservatory furniture page shows a wide variety of suites designed for indoor and outdoor use. It may well be worth taking a look at our rattan garden sofa page as well as these suites can be used for both indoor and outdoor use.  

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