My rattan table appears to sag under the glass in direct sun. Is this normal?

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If you imagine the sun light shinning through a piece of glass you will realize that it can get rather hot on the rattan bellow.  We do use special toughened glass that does not magnify as much as normal glass would but nevertheless there is an element of heat being applied to the rattan.  This heat can sometime slacken the rattan a little and give the appearance that the rattan is sagging.  Whilst the rattan is sagging a little is soon returns to its normal shape when the sun hides behind the clouds.

The best solution to this is to have your parasol up when the weather is very hot or when the sun is at its highest.  It does not seem to always happen but we have had a few cases where the rattan becomes a little wavy and then returns to its normal shapes when it is not so hot.  Having investigated this it is clear that this is very much the norm in the rattan garden furniture industry and that a degree of movement is to be expected.

There are lots of plus points to using the all weather rattan for the manufacture of garden furniture and we feel that this slight movement is not to be considered a disadvantage.  The reason the glass is on the top of the table in the first place is to ensure a flat surface of your food and drinks as the rattan will have some play in it.  We do talk more about this subject on our Blog so check it out if you want any further information.