Practical Advantages of Rattan Patio Furniture

The Practical Advantages of Synthetic Rattan.

If you’re looking for furniture that is not going to require a great deal of upkeep then you may well be interested in the practical qualities of our rattan garden furniture. For starters we have the inevitable rain that seems to be the major talking point for most of the population.  Its either not raining enough and we have a hose pipe ban or we have to much of it and we have floods!

Rain Damage?

Rain is a consideration for most garden furniture as it leads to rotting and corrosion but with the all weather rattan the rain has little impact. There is no rotting or corrosion as the rattan is impervious to the rain and therefore the rain does not break down the material.  The rattan is waterproof and therefore the rain simply washes away.  The frame itself is made from aluminium and this again is rust resistant so the rain does not have its normal corrosive effect.

Sun Damage?

The sun is next up in the practicality strakes. Again the sun can be responsible for the degradation of many forms of garden furniture as it can not only bleach the colour but it can also affect the stability of the furniture.  The heat can swell joints and particularly in the case of wooden garden furniture can lead to movement in the joints and cracks in joints.  This movement combined with the cracks can affect the integrity of the furniture and can lead to the furniture ultimately falling apart. The rattan however bucks the trend as it is colour fast which means it does not bleach and as there are no joints as such then the rattan does not crumble in the same way as a wood might.  The rattan is woven around a frame but as this frame is covered entirely by the rattan the sun has little or no impact the frame itself.

Wipe Clean.

As the synthetic rattan is water proof it also makes it very easy to clean.  We advise hot soapy water and even the use of a jet spray. Again in practical terms this is ideal. Combine this with the light weight nature of the product which makes it easy for people to move around that patio and we have a very


So in practical terms if you want year round rattan garden furniture our rattan is first class.  Advances in polyethylene technology means that synthetic rattan is super-strong, flexible and durable and totally impervious to the elements making it ideal for outdoor use. Now you can combine the chic looks and comfort of rattan weave with all of the benefits of practical, easy-to-clean rattan garden furniture.