What are the advantages of rattan patio furniture?

Rather than writing a long list of the advantages of synthetic rattan over other types of outdoor patio furniture I thought we could consider what outdoor furniture is considered the best. Before you run out and purchase new furniture, you must ask yourself a couple of questions.  For starters, what is the overall purpose of purchasing new furniture for your garden or patio?  When are you going to use it? And most importantly, what type of outdoor furniture do I want to purchase?  The first three questions you will have to answer yourself.  As for the type of furniture, this is one that you must pay particular attention too.  Outdoor furniture could be made from many types of materials, such as wood, metal, plastic, or natural fibers like rattan.  Each material has its own good and bad qualities when it comes to being outdoors.

So, which one is the best?  If the best means having high-quality outdoor furniture that looks great and can live outside all year round then the short answer would be synthetic rattan garden furniture.  Synthetic rattan can come in a variety of designed and styles so there is something for everyone.  You could live practically anywhere in the world and benefit greatly from having synthetic rattan garden furniture in your backyard.  It will not deteriorate, and the fabric will not fade.  It can be left outside all year round and suffer little to no damage.  The only maintenance you will need to do is cleaning the dirt and grime off it every now and then.  But this won’t affect the quality of the furniture.

A great feature of rattan is that it is lightweight and easy to move.

Another advantage to rattan patio furniture is that it is easy to lift and move around to different locations around the garden.  The aluminium frames are lightweight and this means that all the furniture is easy to handle.  Let’s look at some examples of fabulous synthetic rattan furniture that you could put outdoors.  The most common categories for this type of furniture include rattan dining sets, rattan sofa sets, rattan cube sets, rattan loungers, rattan corner sets, and rattan daybeds.  These categories can pretty much speak for themselves in terms of what they are.  The furniture sets that you choose from a particular category should coincide with the amount of land space or patio room that you have in your backyard.

Daybeds and loungers are appropriate for couples and single people who just want to relax outside in peace and comfort. Dining sets and cube sets are better for larger families and groups of people who want to dine outside in comfort.  Sofa and corner sets are appropriate for large groups of people to dine and comfortably socialize with each other outside.  Therefore, the best furniture sets would really depend on your exact preferences and needs using this furniture.  The answer will be different for everybody.  However, the one answer that will remain the same is choosing synthetic rattan furniture because of its advantages over the rest of the competition.

rattan in the winter

Patio furniture that can stay outside in winter would be an advantage.

One major advantage of synthetic rattan garden furniture is that it can remain outside all year round.  The wintertime is known for being very cold and snowy.  If you live in a northern climate and you are thinking about purchasing patio furniture, you may be wondering if it can stay outside in the winter.  The answer in most cases is no.  The reason for this is that wintertime brings a lot of nastier weather that you won’t experience during the other months.  Because of the very cold temperatures of the winter season, you will experience snowstorms and freezing rain.  This has the potential to severely damage your patio furniture, especially if it is made from flimsy material.

If you do not have a place to store your patio furniture in the wintertime and you really want to leave it outside, then you have a couple of simple and affordable options.  The best option here is to use a good quality cover for your patio furniture.  This is likely going to be a weatherproof cover, which is 100% polyester and big enough to cover your entire patio furniture set and shield it from exposure to snow and ice.  It will even keep the furniture a little bit warmer from the cold temperatures and reduce the chance of frost forming on it.

Formulated to resist rain, moisture and UV sunrays.

On the other hand, if you have synthetic rattan patio furniture then it could possibly be left outdoors during the winter.  Remember that synthetic rattan is formulated to resist rain, moisture, and UV sunrays more than anything else.  It could technically resist freezing rain as long as you have high-quality synthetic rattan patio furniture and not the cheaper kind that has plastic in its structure.  There are some furniture companies, which sell lower grade synthetic rattan, which might be good for the outside, but the inside is still flimsy and can easily fall apart.

Zebrano is one rattan furniture supplier that sells high-quality synthetic rattan patio furniture.  If you were to purchase one of our rattan furniture sets, you could leave it outside all winter long and not have to worry about it getting any damage or fade whatsoever.  This is mostly thanks to the higher quality polyethylene weave, which is used in this furniture.  You won’t find too many other furniture suppliers that offer any type of furniture that is strong enough to withstand the brutal winter weather conditions.

No matter what kind of patio furniture you have, it is still recommended that you put a weatherproof cover on it anyway.  The synthetic rattan may be impervious to snow and ice, but it could still get dirty and grimy after months of exposure to freezing polluted air and acid ice rain.  Overall, the cover will help keep the patio furniture clean and spotless so that you don’t have to do much cleaning to it yourself when the wintertime is over.  The price of a good cover is around £40 to £50.  If you have the extra money, it is a worthy investment.  It is even more worthy if you are covering flimsier patio furniture made of wood, plastic, or natural fibers.

Be sure that you keep your outdoor patio furniture in a secured location. You might not think anyone would want to steal your furniture in the freezing cold, but you’d be surprised what some people are willing to do.  If worrying about the weather isn’t bad enough, you may also have to worry about other people taking your patio furniture while you’re not home.  The risk of this happening will depend on your location.  Those who are located in an urban setting will be more susceptible to this kind of behavior than those with homes out in the countryside.

Synthetic patio furniture is long lasting.

Another advantage of rattan garden furniture is the longevity of its lifetime.  When people spend their hard-earned money on patio furniture, they want to know that it will last for a long time.  In other words, they want to be sure that it won’t fall apart and get ruined after using it for just a couple of years.  However, they may not even consider all the damage that could be inflicted on the patio furniture from outside hazards.  Bad weather is certainly the most serious occurrence that can ruin patio furniture.  A lot of this furniture is made from wood or other natural fibers that are susceptible to damage from rain, hot weather, cold weather, and even humidity.  For this reason, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider before you can determine how long your patio furniture will last.

For starters, you need to consider the location in which you live.  Does your area normally get a lot of rain and humidity?  If so, your patio furniture is more susceptible to having mold and mildew form if it has natural-based fabric.  This will cause a spread of bacteria on the furniture and result in people getting sick when they sit down on it.  Furthermore, it will compromise the structure of the furniture if the mold and mildew are allowed to stay on there for too long.  As for wooden patio furniture, this could easily form cracks and other kinds of deterioration from coldness, sunlight, and rain.  If that isn’t bad enough, insects such as termites could even damage wooden furniture.

Between the natural fibrous patio furniture and wooden patio furniture, you can expect each one to last for a couple of years if you completely neglected them.  This would mean that you consistently leave the furniture out on your patio and never bring it inside during a storm or other bad weather.  It also means that you never clean the furniture either.  Without any type of maintenance or cleaning whatsoever, you would be lucky if this type of patio furniture lasted a few years.  In most cases, it would probably not last even that long.

The only chance you would have to prolong the life of your patio furniture is to clean it weekly and keep it under the shade or bring it indoors when you’re not using it.  If you do this, then you could get at least ten years out of the furniture or maybe even more.  However, if you’re like most people, you don’t have the time or energy to devote to cleaning your patio furniture on a regular basis.  You want to find a type of furniture that you can just leave outside and not have to worry about it getting damaged or ruined.  Fortunately, there is a type of furniture that fits these requirements.

rattan patio furniture

Weatherproof and waterproof.

Synthetic rattan patio furniture is the one furniture type that is formulated to be weatherproof and waterproof.  This means that rain, sunlight, moisture, humidity, and light winds will not have an impact on the furniture whatsoever.  You could leave your rattan furniture out on the patio for months and it will still be in the same condition as when you first bought it.  The worst thing that will happen is airborne dirt or debris will get on the material.  That is okay because you can simply wash off this dirt from the furniture without affecting its structure or fabric.  Then it will be clean and beautiful-looking once again.

Synthetic rattan patio furniture is said to last longer than a lifetime. This means once you pass away, this furniture will still be very much alive and ready to be passed down to your kids or other loved ones.  Therefore, you can expect to get many decades of life out of this furniture.

Easy to clean is another benefit of synthetic rattan furniture.

Patio furniture is certainly susceptible to the debris and pollutants of the outdoor environment around it.  Depending on where you live, your patio furniture could get dirty rather quickly from the airborne particles being blown around.  People who live in urban locations will definitely understand this.  On top of that, you must worry about moisture and rainwater causing your furniture to form mold and mildew.  This could make somebody sick if they were to use the furniture with these bacteria on it.  To prevent these things from happening, you need to consistently clean your patio furniture so that it stays sanitary for human usage at all times.

What shall I clean my patio furniture with?

Before you go out and purchase some commercial patio furniture cleaner, you should be warned that these cleaners tend to have a lot of nasty chemicals in them.  These chemicals could possibly make your patio furniture become faded or deteriorated if you are not careful.  A lot of natural fibrous furniture will have this problem, such as natural rattan furniture or other resin-based furniture.  That is why you should only stick to simple household cleaning solutions for your patio furniture.

Baking soda in one popular choice for cleaning patio furniture.  It is much less abrasive than commercial cleaners and works great at cleaning away dirt and grime from resin furniture.  All you need to do is fill a bucket with water and then mix some baking soda in it.  Then dip a sponge into the bucket and use the wet sponge to wipe and wash your furniture.  Try to use circular motions as you are wiping.  You should notice the grime coming up quickly from your furniture.  Once you are done, rinse off the furniture with regular warm water.

If you have a mold or mildew problem with your furniture, you can clean this fungus away with vinegar.  It is a much milder solution than bleach and can have some great results.  Just take an empty spray bottle and fill it up with pure white vinegar.  Spray the vinegar onto the mildew area of the furniture and wipe it away with a clean cloth.  You should see the mildew get wiped off easily.  Plus, the vinegar should prevent the mildew from coming back for a short time.  If you need to deodorize your furniture too, mix the vinegar with some liquid dish detergent and follow the same process.

Each cleaning solution that was just mentioned is great to use on flimsy furniture made from natural resin or plastic mesh.  But, if you want to avoid having to clean your furniture regularly, you should purchase synthetic rattan patio furniture.  The great thing about this particular type of rattan furniture is that it does not get damaged from rain, moisture, or UV rays from the sun.  The rattan is formulated to be weather resistant so that you can keep your furniture outside all year long and not have to worry about it getting damaged or faded.

Now, this does not mean that synthetic rattan furniture cannot get dirty.  It is possible for dirt particles or pollen to get blown onto the furniture.  However, it is not going to ruin the furniture at all if it stays on there for extended periods of time.  The only time you will want to remove it is if people are going to be sitting on that furniture.  In this case, you can just spray it down with a hose or wipe it with warm water.  Use the baking soda method to help remove any stubborn grime that is one there.  And, if there are any tough to reach areas on the patio furniture, use a toothbrush to help clean those areas.

So the key practical advantages of rattan patio furniture are:

  • Variety of design and style to include traditional and contemporary.
  • Hardwearing and long lasting.
  • Lightweight and easy to move.
  • All weather furniture that is able to stay outside all year round.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Great value for money – Especially at Zebrano!