Outdoor Garden Furniture (What do I need?)

There are many types of outdoor garden furniture available on the market today.  Here I will be focusing on the main materials to look out for when purchasing your outdoor garden furniture.  First up is wooden outdoor garden furniture and the top of the range in this section is teak wood.  You can purchase all manors of different types of wood but the main categories are softwood and hardwood.  Softwood as the name suggests is the lesser of the woods and will be available considerably cheaper than the hard woods.  Softwood would include the likes of Pine which is faster growing and cheaper to manufacture than the harder woods but also has a much shorter lifespan when left outside.

Hardwoods have a tighter grain and are less susceptible to the impact of water and will therefore last longer than the softwoods.  The best types of hardwoods are Oak and Teak.  Very tight grains and high oil contents means that water finds it difficult to break down the wood.  This means that teak garden furniture can stay outside for many years untreated.

Next up is metal outdoor garden furniture.  Generally metal is heavy and susceptible to rust which makes it not very good for outdoor furniture but there are exceptions.  Aluminum outdoor garden furniture is one such exception.  Aluminum is both lightweight and rust resistant and it therefore makes ideal garden furniture.  The designs available in Aluminum outdoor garden furniture are a little to old fashioned for us here at Zebrano and that’s why we have chosen to stock the rather more contemporary rattan garden furniture.

Rattan Outdoor garden furniture has all the attributes of a quality garden product and can be left outside all year round without any problems.  The rattan is a synthetic man made product that is woven around an aluminum frame.  The rattan itself is color fast and therefore does not fade in the sun light.  The frame is made from Aluminum and is therefore rust resistant.  As far as the design and style of the furniture we feel it has no competition.  Check out our full range of rattan furniture on offer at Zebrano Rattan.