Is Rattan Furniture ok to be left in the rain?

Synthetic rattan garden furniture is 100% waterproof. The weaves of the fabric are formulated for the specific purpose of being resistant to water. This is how synthetic rattan garden furniture has gotten such a big reputation for being weatherproof and having the ability to withstand rain and snow. This is a feature you won’t see with natural rattan garden furniture which is not waterproof.

Natural rattan fibers may come from real plants but that’s what makes it weak. Water will cause the color of these natural fibers to fade and deteriorate. But the worst part is how natural rattan is susceptible to having mold and mildew form on it. This would spell trouble for anyone who uses this furniture because it will make them very sick. You won’t have this problem at all with the synthetic rattan furniture.

rattan furniture in the rain

Can I just cover Natural Rattan?

Now you might be thinking that you could just cover your natural rattan garden furniture and keep it protected from rainwater. Theoretically, you could do this but then you wouldn’t be able to use your furniture. Many rattan garden furniture sets have cushions which do not support covers. This means you would need to remove the cushions from the furniture and then put the covers on them. People might do this if they’re planning on not using their furniture throughout the winter or if they’re going on a vacation. But what about the rest of the time when they’re home? Do you really want to go through the inconvenience of taking off your cover and reinstalling your cushions every time you want to use your rattan garden furniture? Nobody has time for that.

Synthetic rattan garden furniture does not need to be covered. You can leave it fully exposed to the open outdoor environment without ever having to worry about what the rain will do to it. The synthetic rattan fibers are impervious to rainwater and will never become degraded or compromised whatsoever. The coloring will remain the same and the woven fibers themselves will stay strong for many decades. The only benefit that a cover would have for synthetic rattan garden furniture is to keep it clean from dirt and airborne debris. But even if these elements were to get on the synthetic rattan fibers, they would not degrade their quality in the least. You would just have to clean them off to make your environment look nicer.

Of course, you need to be responsible with your synthetic rattan garden furniture and not get carried away with it being waterproof. In other words, don’t start throwing your rattan lounger in the swimming pool and then floating on top of the water while you’re sipping lemonade from the lounger. For one thing, there are chemicals and other elements in swimming pool water which may not be friendly to the fabric. The rattan garden furniture is not built to float on water or be used in any kind of recreational water sports. It is simply formulated to resist the water that nature pours down onto it.

Therefore, you will never have to fear the rain or snow when it comes to your synthetic rattan garden furniture. Leave your furniture out all year round if you want to because the moisture and rain from the outdoors will have no impact on it whatsoever. Meanwhile, it will remain extremely comfortable to sit or lie down on just like the indoor furniture in your living room. And if it ever does rain, the synthetic rattan will not get soaked with water. It will quickly dry away so that you can stay comfortable on it after a rainstorm.

Don't forget the dirt though! Despite being able to be left outside in all weathers the furniture will of course get dirty if left uncovered. If you are not able to cover your furniture or to store inside over winter the good news is that the dirt can be easily removed with hot soapy water and some good old-fashioned elbow grease!!

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