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As we have seen in our two previous articles on rattan garden furniture deliveries there are several options businesses have to deliver there customers goods.  In this article we will be looking at the ‘In House Delivery’ option. At the moment the weather is rather chilly and urgent deliveries are few and far between. That said there are still lots of enquiries regarding delivery and everyone wants to know the process so we thought it may be useful to discuss the alternatives.


Zebrano rattan furniture uses a specialist subcontractor for there deliveries as we find it the most efficient method to safely and quickly distribute our furniture throughout the country. This conclusion has not been got to without many years of trial and error and we are now happy to say that our delivery service is second to none.


For the purpose of this article we will be looking at the more traditional furniture delivery service that most if not all furniture companies used to employ. Basically most furniture companies used to offer there own in house delivery service which meant that it was quality controlled and providing you were dealing with a reputable furniture retailer you would expect the delivery service to be equally reputable.  


The In House system was good for arranging deliveries and for the added personal touch that comes with seeing the sale through from start to finish. Customers would be called first and could even get a call just prior to arrival as the office that took the initial sale would also be the office that organized the delivery. This is a great system when all your customers are within a twenty mile radius of the business.  However with the arrival of the internet and the ever increasing online sales of furniture, deliveries these days are rather more complicated. The bottom line is that furniture companies are expected to deliver to every part of the UK almost on a daily basis.  Even the John Lewis’s of this world are not able to send there own vans out that often.


The In House system can’t keep up with deliveries nationwide and as I said even the largest of companies can’t do there own deliveries these days. The national deliveries that are now required must be dealt with in a different way. We have looked at the Pallet Network method and also the specialist furniture subcontractor in more detail on our other articles so please read them if you are interested in finding out more.


Here at Zebrano we use a specialist Furniture Distribution Network which has 25 year experience in furniture deliveries and will not only store our goods but will also book in every delivery with the customer direct. No delivery takes place without our courier service speaking to the customer first. We also have a policy of holding onto the furniture in our safe storage for as long as the customer demands without any cost and delivering at a later date specified by the customer.  More on Zebrano deliveries can be found on our furniture delivery page. More on rattan furniture can be found on our about rattan garden furniture page or even in our rattan garden furniture blog.