Furniture Deliveries

Depending on the time of year the question of delivery can be a very hot topic in the rattan garden furniture world.  At the moment we are just recovering from a rather cold spell with frost on the car windows and the heating on full blast.  The Zebrano Rattan Furniture office is on a farm courtyard and it has been chilly to say the least going to and from the showroom during the day.  Therefore at this precise moment our customers are not in too much of a hurry to receive there sun loungers.  Sadly at this moment there is not a huge amount of lounging by the pool being done and our customers are actually asking us to hold onto the goods.  

There are a few different options for delivery these days and different companies use different methods depending on there costs and warehousing.  I have had to split this article into three parts as it is too large for a single article.  The first in the series is going to be on Pallet deliveries.  Pallet deliveries are ideal for business to business purposes as they can deliver goods in 24-48 hours.  Pallet deliveries are however they are fraught with problems.  The main problem is damages. The goods are loaded using forklift trucks and are handled a minimum of 8 times from leaving the supplier to arriving at the customer’s house.  When goods get passed through this many hands it is inevitable that there will be damages.  Check out our Pallet Network Deliveries article for a full rundown of the pros and cons.

Next up is the ‘In House Delivery’ option.  This option is the traditional delivery service provided by the furniture industry as for many years the general public only ever bough there furniture from local stores.  As the internet has taken off more and more consumers purchase goods online and it has proven difficult for companies to maintain an in house delivery option.  Again we have written a full article on the In House Delivery option which gives you the pros and cons.

There are a few other smaller options that furniture companies often use including the ‘man with a van’ type service but this is for much smaller enterprises.  The final article we have written is on the subject of the ‘specialist delivery subcontractor’.  This is a professional furniture service that has numerous vehicles and delivers nationwide on a regular basis.  This type of specialist furniture delivery services are experienced in handling and delivering furniture and provided you use a reputable one they are far and away the best way to deliver furniture.  

Here at Zebrano we have subcontracted our warehousing and delivery to a very experienced team of specialist furniture delivery experts.  This has a major cost associated with it but it also has a piece of mind which is worth every penny as far as our customers satisfaction goes.  We have gone into more detail on our delivery solution in our article ‘Furniture Distribution Network’.  Our delivery solution is fast, efficient, involves less handling of the products and has a high level of customer contact.  No delivery is done without booking it in with the customer first and all goods are delivered to the customer choice of location.  Click on the lionk for the full description of our furniture delivery service.