Nova Furniture Covers

44 Nova Furniture Covers

Garden covers that are easy to store.


All of our Nova covers come with a handy carry bag that can be used to store the cover away when not in use. Nova covers also have eyelets and drawstrings that help secure the cover to your set. Securing the cover to you furniture is very useful especially given the windy weather that we often have.  All covers are treated with a specialised Weathertex formula that causes water to repel and bead, leaving your set protected from rain, snow, frost and dirt as well as UV rays.

Further information on furniture covers in store.


Are you looking for more information on Nova Weatherproof Garden Furniture Covers? Check out our YouTube channel for a short video explaining how they work. Or visit our blog for plenty of information on why Nova covers are a great solution for protecting your furniture from the elements.  Alternatively we are open seven days a week and we are more than happy to assist if you pop into one of our showrooms.  Hope to see you soon.