Furniture Brands

Outdoor furniture experts.

If you need more information on our brand partners and suppliers of furniture then we recommend looking at our blog as there is plenty of information on all of our brands, including Nova Outdoor Living, Maze Rattan, and Kettler.  We have been working with some of our partners for over ten years now so there is not much we do not know about them.  We forge great relationships with our furniture partners as we have high standards in not just the products we sell but also in the customer service levels we demand.  We need partners that can live up to those high standards.

Help and advice on furniture brands.

To find out more information on our brand partners why not pop into one of our rattan furniture showrooms and view the products your self?  We can talk you through the key differences in each brand and you can try each one out for comfort and style while you are there.  Alternatively give us a call as we have expert sales assistants on the other end of the line ready to help with anything you need.