Fixing Rattan Garden Furniture

We have had an enquiry today from a customer who has a set of our rattan garden furniture and has somehow managed to fray the end of one of the rattan pieces. She was not sure if her Cat, Katie was the culprit or whether it was general wear and tear. My first thought was the Katie had had something to do with it as she has only had the set for two years and it is unusual for any unraveling to occur in this time frame. Whoever was to blame it matters not as this sort of thing is very easy to fix.

Firstly you need to unravel the offending area a little more so that you have a decent length to work with before using your scissors to snip a clean break in the rattan. You can do the same for the other side of the rattan so that you are left with two separate sections. Once you have done this you need to thread the rattan back through the weave but not necessarily exactly as it came out. Because you now have a slightly shorter piece of rattan you will not be able to join them together at the same spot. Instead you will have to end both sections on the underside of the weave rather than on the top where it can be seen.

Once you have worked out where the weave will end you simple have to apply a little supper glue and hold in place for a few seconds. Follow the same process to fix the other end of the broken weave. It does sound a little simplistic to say that you can simply super glue your rattan back in place but because the rattan is a synthetic rattan the supper glue takes to it very well indeed. Providing you have made a clean cut of the frayed edge you should be able to make the offending damage almost invisible to the eye.

We will soon be bringing out a video to help explain this process easier so if you are struggling at all just keep an eye on the blog and in the next few weeks you will be able to watch us fix some rattan furniture here in the showroom.