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Commercial Rattan Garden Furniture.

The new trend in rattan garden furniture is not just in retail phenomenon, it all began in the commercial world.  Here at Zebrano we have witnessed the rise of rattan garden furniture from first seeing it in Europe in high end restaurants and hotels to ultimately resourcing our own range and retailing it to the general public. Originally the rattan was priced out of the market for the everyday public as it was manufactured in Germany and the costs were extremely high.  We have resourced manufacturing in the Far East that is much more efficient and cost effective and this has lead to the affordability of the product coming down.  

As the rattan garden furniture became more affordable so the demand increased and we started to see many more people being interested in the product.  At the same time as this many more businesses were also attracted to the qualities that this type of furniture has and demand increased.  From a commercial point of view the qualities the rattan has are idea.  Take the glass tops for example.  The glass means that the table tops are easy to clean and always look brand new.  The rattan itself is wipe clean and it doesn’t fade.  Combine this with its lightweight frames which make it easy for staff to move and rearrange should the situation demand it.  You can see why restaurants and hotels would be interested in all weather resign weave over the more traditional forms of garden furniture.

The variety of goods available in the Zebrano Rattan Furniture range also leads to an increase in interest from commercial businesses.  This is because often businesses are looking for a range of furniture that can be multi purpose and in our case it doesn’t get any more multi purpose than being able to use the furniture inside and out.  Also it is good from a style point of view to have continuity in your indoor and outdoor areas and with Zebrano you can do this.  Start in the lobby of a hotel with our rattan sofas before moving into a seated table and chairs area.  You can then go out through the sliding doors to more seating on the patio and finally down to the pool and our rattan loungers.  All of this can be provided in the same rattan style and color and with matching cushions throughout. It is not hard to see why more and more businesses are choosing Zebrano for there rattan furniture needs.

Our rattan furniture is also very hard wearing so commercially it can withstand a good amount of foot fall.  Value for money has got to be a major concern for any business in these current times and again the rattan is a winner as it is very good value.  Many restaurants and hotels also like to present an up to date image and therefore they must be seen to be keeping in line with current trends.  As the rattan is very much on trend at the moment you can only imagine more commercial sales taking place.  Don’t be surprised if you see some Zebrano Rattan in a golf club, restaurant or hotel near you as we are increasing our reputation on a daily basis.

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