Choosing Rattan Garden Furniture

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Choosing Rattan Garden Furniture

The key things to look out for when choosing your Rattan Patio Furniture is that it comes in all manors of shapes and sizes and colors for that matter. The first thing to make sure when choosing your furniture is that you are happy with the colour. There are so many variations in the colors that there is no need for you to pick something that is not quite right. Here at Zebrano we have at least six different color ways. That’s not to say that everything is available in every color as some items only come in certain colors. That said if you seen something you like but are not sure about the color it is always best to ask!

Next up is the design. Again rattan garden furniture comes in many different designs and if you can’t quite find what you are looking for it is probably worth taking a little more time to search as it may well is out there. Zebrano offer some 40 plus sofa sets so there must be something that fits the bill. The comfort is another key point as your suite may well look the part but will it be comfortable once the initial style statement has worn off? There are many different types of cushions and we have spent a long time ensuring that our cushions are not only washable but that they are also comfortable. We did have a range of white cushions which were far too hard and ended up being uncomfortable. We notice that many of our competitors still have these cushions and we would strongly advise against them. You will be sitting on your rattan garden furniture for years to come so you might as well be comfortable.

The rattan weave itself is probably the most important of all the issues to pay particular attention to when choosing your rattan furniture. Here at Zebrano we have spent many years on quality control and are happy to say that our synthetic weave is of a good quality. We have noticed that not all suppliers can say that same as there are white brittle versions on the market and again these are to be avoided. Finally make sure that you have made it clear to any sale representative the intended use for your furniture. There would be nothing worse that buying a sofa suite which you intend to use inside that ends up not having the correct British standards foam in the cushions. Many of our competitors use cheap foam which is not suitable for indoor use. Here at Zebrano you are safe as all our sofas have the correct fiber filled cushions which can be used from indoor as we as outdoor use.

When rattan garden furniture was a new trend there may have only been one or two styles available but nowadays the market is full of innovative and creative designs and you are sure to find something that you can fall in love with. Therefore you must make sure that you are happy with the color, style, design and functionality of your suite before you part with your hard earned money. We are here to help so if you have any questions give us a call or go to our frequently asked questions on our blog rattan Q and A or read up on more of our articles about rattan garden furniture.