Can you paint rattan garden furniture?

painted rattan furniture

If you have natural rattan garden furniture, then it would be possible to spray paint your rattan furniture sets a different color. First, you would apply the primer and then spray a light coat of paint onto the furniture. You would have to spray numerous layers of paint to ensure that all the areas are colored and have even tones. It would be wise to do this spraying indoors because you don’t want to risk having an insect crawl onto your furniture as you’re spraying it with paint.

However, even though you paint the natural rattan garden furniture, you still must deal with it fading and degrading under the sun or from the rain outside. These are worries that you won’t have if you purchase the synthetic rattan garden furniture. With that being said, the synthetic rattan garden furniture is not designed to be spray painted or have its color modified in any way. The best option you will have is to purchase rattan synthetic furniture with weaves that are already colored the way you want them to be.

Synthetic or Natural rattan?

When deciding between natural and synthetic rattan garden furniture, you need to ask yourself if quality or color is more important to you. Synthetic rattan garden furniture still looks very attractive and pleasing to the eye. You just won’t be able to spray paint it some wild red or green color. Most of the colored weave options available for synthetic rattan furniture include black, grey, or brown. Many times, there are only a few different color options available for a particular rattan furniture set. But these darker colors that are available blend beautifully with the outdoor environment and will never look out of place whatsoever.

Don’t forget that some furniture has tempered glass included with it. For example, there are a few dining set options which include temper glass on top of the rattan weaved table. This tempered glass is put there as a way of creating a flat surface for people to put their plates and cups on. It is not needed as a protective barrier for the rattan surface because that is already weatherproof and waterproof itself. But the point is that this tempered glass creates a homelier atmosphere for your backyard or garden. Therefore, you’d have no need to paint the table with the glass already there.

Colour options on Zebrano Rattan

The majority of the synthetic rattan garden furniture sets have one unique color for their particular model. Many of the sets which have color options will have grey or brown to choose from. Although, you may come across a few original sets which have unique colors that you won’t find with too many other sets. One good example of this is the Heritage Tamara Rattan Daybed. This set lets you choose between the colors of Natural and White Wash. Natural has more of a lighter brown tone to it which blends beautifully in wooded environments. White Wash is a lighter blue that may go beautifully near a swimming pool or some area where there is water.

heritage tamara rattan daybed

Do not be too consumed with the idea of painting your furniture. After all, have you ever painted the furniture that you put in your living room? Most people have not unless they’re home improvement enthusiasts who must modify everything for their home that they purchase. If you’re like most people, you just want to have a durable and comfortable piece of furniture for your garden or backyard that will last you for a long time. Since the synthetic rattan garden furniture is weaved with natural-looking colors, you won’t have any need to want to paint it any other color.

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