Can I fix my rattan garden furniture?

In most cases the answer to this question is yes. The all weather rattan is hand woven around the aluminum frame and in most circumstances you can make a repair. We have experienced the odd call coming into our office from customers that have had there suite for a couple of years and have somehow managed to fray or cut a part of the rattan weave and then notice that the weave will start to unravel.

The best solution to this is to cut the rattan so that the frayed piece is less obvious to the naked eye and then to pull the weave tight again before using superglue to fix the rattan back in place. I know this sounds rather rudimentary and people do say “surely you can’t just glue it back in place”. The honest answer is that yes you can! Your best bet is to try to weave the rattan so that the freshly cut piece ends up on the inside of the weave before gluing it firmly to another piece of rattan.

Let me try and explain that a little better. If you consider a rattan chair for example, it has a visible side which we can call the outside and it also has a side that we can not see which we can call the inside. The rattan weave moves in and out all around the chair frame and therefore if a piece gets damaged or cut you have the opportunity to unravel the weave a little before re weaving. At this stage you can choose to cut a piece off so that the length is a little shorter and then when you re weave you can ensure that the end piece finishes on the inside and therefore out of sight. Obviously it is a little harder to glue but the finish is almost invisible.

You can buy super glue that is water replant and is not affected by the weather. I am going to be filming a short video so that I can demonstrate exactly how to fix your rattan in the very near future. I will post the link to this video on our blog so keep an eye out for it. If you have any questions just give us a call on 0333 1 210 218 and I will be happy to help.