Spending quality time with family is enjoyable and recommended past time and something that we should all be doing more of. Between being busy with work and other things, it can be something that we all lack, but there are plenty of reasons you should make time for your family.

Research has proved that socialising impacts our mental and physical well-being in a positive way, especially social interactions with family and loved ones. Some even say that when we communicate with people face-to-face it could make us more resilient to stress factors. However, with busy lives, it seems that many of us aren’t getting the social time that we need with our families.

Family Time

Studies, reported by fortune.com, have shown that many workers want to reduce their hours to a four-day week so they can spend more time with loved ones. Another study conducted by Indiana University shared that those who spend the most time with family have a longer life, and often have lower stress levels. They also highlighted that those who benefit the most from family time are children.

At Zebrano we encourage family time and feel that our own industry of garden furniture can contribute to the kind of time we spend with our families. Research has already proven the benefits of spending time outdoors and combining that with spending time with our loved ones has the power to really reduce stress, improve mental and physical well-being and generally improve quality of life.

Garden furniture can create quality family time for all ages, whether you have children who you wish to enjoy an outdoor picnic with, or you’re family is all grown up and can come over for a barbecue and a glass of wine, garden furniture can create a wonderful setting for this quality family time to take place.

Choosing the right furniture for your outdoor setting depends on what type of activity you enjoy. If you enjoy hosting parties or you have a large family that you would like to get together often, the best thing is a dining set or a casual dining set.

Family Barbecue

For a more social event we always recommend a round dining table as this allows everyone to see and speak to each other. A rectangular table can limit conversations and create groups, however, if you like to keep the kids at one end and adults at the other, this can be great.

Casual dining sets are also ideal if you prefer your event to be more relaxed, if you know the kids are going to be up and down to play in the garden between courses, then a casual dining set is a great choice.

A bar set is ideal if you’re family is all grown up or you like a party. We recommend a bar set with an ice bucket as this allows you to keep your drinks within arm’s reach as well as keeping them cool in the summer.

A BBQ is the ultimate piece of summer kit. Hosting a barbecue with your family is a wonderful way to spend a sunny afternoon and to get in that all-important quality time with loved ones. Whether you opt for a huge outdoor kitchen or a simple BBQ for beginners, this is an ideal way to bring together your friends and family.

If you’re hosting a garden party, then why not enforce a ‘leave the phones inside’ rule. Studies have shown that the biggest take away from quality time with family and friends is our addiction to technology. Those who leave their phones alone when dining with loved ones reported to have a more engaging experience and felt more satisfied after these social interactions than those who left their phones switched on, in front of them in the same scenario.

It is clear that spending time with family and friends leads to a happier and healthier lifestyle and therefore it is important to continue to make time to do so. If you’re enjoying family time in your garden, we’d love to see your photos, you may even feature on our Instagram page @zebrano_rattan.