We are delighted to announce that Zebrano rattan has been awarded with two awards at the online retail awards.  Zebrano Rattan won the homes and garden category and won an award of commendation for the small business category.Print To say that we are delighted is an understatement.  This is the forth year that we have received and award from the online retail awards but it is the first year that we have won the home and garden category.  We are so thrilled to be recognised as the best website supplying home and garden products. We have worked our socks off over the last four years and with an online revenue growth of 2000% in only 4 years there's no time to party!  As a husband and wife team with two young children this has proved beyond challenging but with our amazing team we have been able to push forward and continue to take Zebrano rattan onto its next venture.Print 2013 was an amazing year for Zebrano Rattan.  We came out from a wet and soggy 2012 determined to achieve another record year for Zebrano and we did it!  We have managed our rapid growth with all of its complexities but at the same time realised our limitations.  2014 has brought a new partnership to Zebrano in an attempt to manage the increasing demand for our products and to take Zebrano rattan to the next level.   However nothing is ever easy!  Mother Nature likes to keep us on our toes at Zebrano rattan and this year she surprised us again with the coldest winter in china in 28yrs.  Read our blog on rattan garden furniture shortage hits uk to see how this affected all rattan furniture suppliers in 2014! One thing that we have realised over the last 20 years of selling garden furniture is that it’s really hard work to keep on top of all the complexities of running a business but with hard work and determination it can be done whatever problems are thrown at you.  We are so delighted to be recognised by the online retail awards as the best homes and gardens website that it makes all the hard work worth while.  We love the following quote and our advice would be that if you want something, go out there and get it! "There is no elevator to success; you have to take the stairs"