Rattan conservatory furniture has for many years been the preferred choice when considering furnishing a conservatory or sun room and the reason is because it is practical, reliable and affordable. Those three considerations are important not only when we are deciding the finest furniture for our home, but also when we are deciding other crucial things for our lives, including when deciding preferred energy source. A three-day seminar called the Solar Power UK has just taken place in UK from2-4 October, having thousands of visitors with 178 exhibitors and 69 seminar speeches.  Those event rounds-up could really spark our passion and optimism on the future of solar power energy in UK. Wind of change has blown stronger when the EU Council has reportedly approved the proposed  Energy Efficiency Directive which could pave the way for the directive to be passed into law as soon as next month.  Meanwhile, outside UK, some countries – like Germany and China - also keep on proceeding with ambitious schemes to move energy production from fossil fuels and nuclear power to renewable resources like solar and wind power. Just like our Rattan conservatory furniture, when treated right, Solar energy can indeed serve as a very reliable, practical and affordable energy for all of us due to the following reasons:
  • Solar energy is a renewable free source of energy
  • It is sustainable, unlike fossil fuels that are finite
  • It is no-polluting and does not emit any greenhouse gases
  • It is not only affordable, but also economical as using solar energy at home can reduce our energy bill
  • We can enrich the use of the solar energy for any of our needs, and what we needs is just the technology and the know-how.
All the seminar, exhibition, event and related policies above could expectedly lead to successful future of UK solar energy. I believe the future will be brighter with the practical, reliable and affordable solar energy. All Zebrano sets have proven how practical and reliable rattan materials are.  It is really worth taking a look at our wide variety of suites designed for both indoor and outdoor use. With our knowledge of design and technology, Zebrano Rattan can even make its finest rattan sets affordable.