The United Kingdom is facing uncertain times when it comes to its own economy. And as is expected of governments during such difficult times, the ruling party has opted for austerity measures to help tide over the cash and growth crunch. Most of the austerity measures focus on cutting spending that is unnecessary or one that can be held off for a certain period of time. Naturally, products that do offer immense value for money are most sought after during this period. And when you talk of a well price product offering great return value there is no chance of overlooking Zebrano's line of high quality garden furniture. Zebrano's range of garden furniture combines affordability with a high degree of workmanship. For example, consider the cube sets we offer. These cube sets are designed in a most ergonomic manner and style. The sets allow you to store them quite easily while taking the least amount of room. So owners of smaller garden spaces need not worry about their storage. Many among you might also prefer to place these cube sets on your home's terrace or even the balcony. Zebrano's cube sets can be bought in three seating variants; the 2 Seater, the 4 Seater and the 6 Seater. However, we understand that unexpected guests are always a possibility and hence have included with our sets a couple of footstools that can accommodate another two persons quite easily. In their absence though, these footstools can very well become comfortable resting places for your feet. The generous usage of high quality cushions further aids comfort. Once you are done with the day, you can simply gather the various set pieces and put them back into a cube. And even better is the fact that you do not need to bring the cushions in as they are covered due to the cube arrangement. Brilliant, economical and ergonomic; that is exactly the kind of ideas that our economy desperately needs right now.