Perhaps you’ve just moved into your first home or you’ve never had a house with a garden before and your new home has one. If it is your first garden, things can be a bit daunting on where to start, how to look after it and how to dress it if you haven’t done so before. So, here are our top tips on how to handle your first garden.


Don’t jump right in and start planting and adding furniture straight away. You need to wait and see where the sun rises and sets, where the sun traps are and where the areas are that are permanently in shade.

Plan Your Garden


Make sure you have a plan before you go about buying anything. Perhaps do a quick sketch of your garden and, based on what you’ve learnt about where the sun rises and sets etc., make a plan of where you want to have flowerbeds, where you want to have potted plants and where you want a garden furniture area.

It’s also worth visiting a few garden centres before purchasing any plants as you need to know what plants you like and whether they require a shady spot or to be in direct sunlight for most of the day as this will affect where you put your plants and flowerbeds.

In regard to garden furniture you will also need a plan and for this, we recommend measuring the space you want your garden furniture to go and then visiting a garden furniture showroom to view all of the different styles to fully do your research.

Once you know the different types of furniture available have a think about whether you want a dining set, corner sofa set, sofa set, sun loungers or something else to fill your space.


You will need to learn all about what your garden requires from you in order to flourish and when to do these things. For example, mowing the lawn – in the spring and autumn we recommend mowing the lawn once a week, in summer it may need twice a week and in winter you will rarely have to do this, if ever.

Garden Furniture


Once you’ve learnt all about your garden’s habits and what it requires from you to look its best, as well as made your plan then you can start doing. Sow your seeds by following the packet instructions and plant things in groups of threes or fives to create blocks of colour in your beds. If you are buying already potted plants make sure you follow the instructions on what they need and you’ll have a beautiful, budding garden in no time.

Watering Plants


Of course, there are some don’ts when looking after your garden and a common one is don’t overwater! Rightly so, people get very excited when they have their first garden up and running and can be so keen to look after their plants that they actually overwater them. You’ll know if your plant needs water if it is wilting or the flowers hang downwards.


Once you start getting into the swing of things then the next step is to sit back and enjoy your hard work on your brand new garden furniture.