Being in the rattan furniture business for some 15 years, we have noted that among the most frequently asked questions was about how long our outdoor garden furniture could last. Some of our friends have had an unhappy experience with their previous garden suite, especially during extreme weather, and they did not want to experience the same from us!. Weather can sometimes be a little unfriendly and that could be harmful to outdoor furniture. We have made sure that all of our rattan garden furniture is premium quality. They are all weather-proof because they are made from finest quality of PVC rattan. In addition, the PVC rattan is woven around aluminum frames, which really makes them resistant with a waterproof surface that can handle both sun and rain. Read all our clients’ testimonies to see what they say. Besides using only best quality materials, we also offered well-designed covers to protect our suites in the winter months.  The cushions can’t stay outside all year round so you will need to store the away.  We sell storage bags that keep the cushions clean and all together.  We also sell storage boxes which are designed to stay outside all year round. Knowing how to deal with changing weather is always important. It’s not only about how to take care of the furniture, but also about how to take care of everything else. Most things become second nature as you do the same checks every year.  Take you r car for instance.  In maintaining your car during winter, you need to pay attention to the following check list: •    Anti-freeze to prevent your car coolant from freezing •    Free the car battery from corrosions and keep the battery topped up with charge in a way to be ready to perform •    Check your anti-locking brake and make sure it works properly •    Mind your light and visibility •    Check you windscreen wash and wipers and make sure they work well •    Check on your tyres pressure and its tread depth. For the tread depth, regulation requires a minimum of 1.6, but for safe winter driving, a minimum of  3mm tread depth is recommended. The same is true of your outdoor furniture.  In fairness your will be off to a good start if you choose rattan garden furniture as everything apart from the cushions can be left out all year round.