England have made it through to the Semi Finals of the World Cup for the first time since the nineties, and the heatwave is well and truly on, which means a celebratory garden party, or two or three, is in need. Whether you’re having your guests round to watch the semis, or you are still celebrating from Saturday’s game, here is everything you will need to throw a World Cup garden party.

Rattan Casual Dining Set

Somewhere to sit

If you’ve got lots of guests in your garden you will need somewhere for them all to sit and relax. We suggest a casual dining set with a corner sofa. The corner sofa will allow you to squeeze plenty of guests in and the casual dining table will give you somewhere to rest your drinks and snacks. Plus, many of our rattan casual dining sets come with handy footstools which double up as extra seating allowing you to invite more guests.

Something to eat

You’ll want to get a barbecue going to feed all of your guests. A charcoal grill gives a lovely flame grilled taste but if you’re looking for speed then a gas barbecue is the way to go. Perhaps look for a table with a built in grilling station so that you don’t have to move from your seat and miss any of the action.

Rattan Casual Dining Set with Ice Bucket

Something to drink

We’re sure you’re going to have plenty of drinks in and with such hot weather it is important to keep your drinks cool. There are many rattan casual dining sets available with a handy ice bucket in the centre of the table. This great ice bucket will keep your drinks cool and refreshing.

Somewhere cool

Rattan Patio Heater

If you’re spending all day in the garden it is important to ensure there is a shaded area available for you and your guests. We recommend a parasol to go through the centre of your dining table or a cantilever parasol which will cover a wider area and can be moved around to follow the sun. A parasol will create a shaded, cool area that will provide some much-needed relief from the heat.

Keep the party going

Although it’s sunny now, we all know how temperamental British weather can be. Plan ahead and keep your garden party going even if the temperature dips by getting your hands on a great patio heater. Plus, these heaters also double up as a helpful light, so you can extend your party well into the evening.

If you need advice on any of the products mentioned, then we recommend contacting one of our helpful customer service advisors or visiting one of our showrooms to see the furniture in person.