Getting the kids some fresh air in the winter is just as important as in the summer but it can be hard to think of things to do outdoors when it’s cold. Here, we have revealed some fun and educational activities that will get the kids outside during the winter.

Bug Hotel

1. Make Some Outdoor Artwork

This is a great activity for the kids to get creative. Get the kids to use things they’ve found in the garden (like fallen leaves or pebbles) to make some art.

2. Set Up A Bug Hotel

Kid’s don’t seem to mind getting mucky or creepy crawlies, so why not set up a “bug hotel” for overwintering insects. You can use leaves, plant pots, pencil pots, bits of wood, toilet roll tubes, straw and soil to create a place for the bugs to enjoy and your children can learn about insects whilst they do so.

3. Feed Soil with Compost and Dig Over Raised Beds

Kids love digging, and it will help you prepare your garden for planting your winter plants. If your children seem particularly interested, they could even help you with the planting of winter flowers like pansies or hyacinth.

Cress Heads

4. Make Cress Heads

Take a couple of washed out yoghurt pots and pop in a few pieces of cotton wool, soak it with water and sprinkle with cress seeds. Your kids will love watching their cress grow. You could even stick some googly eyes or draw a face on the pot, so it looks like the face is growing hair as the cress grows.

5. Collect Conkers

Collecting conkers is a favourite childhood past time for many of us. Let your children find the biggest and best conker and then teach them how to play conkers. A simple activity that will keep the kids amused for hours.

ice sculpture

6. Make Ice Sculptures

Fill a balloon with water and then add some brightly coloured leaves, petals or flowers and freeze. Once frozen, cut off the balloon and you will have a beautiful ice sculpture.

7. Paint Your Own Pots

If you want to add a bit of colour to your garden and get the kids outdoors, let them paint their own pots. Then, when spring comes around, let them choose some plants to go in them.

8. Make a Bird Feeder

Check out our previous blog post in partnership with Sainsburys Bank on how to build a bird feeder from a simple bottle. This is a great reuse of plastic and helps encourage wildlife into your garden which can be fascinating for the children.

Patio Heater

These top tips are sure to keep your kids interested in the outdoors and once they’re out there, keep them out there and enjoy yourselves as a family by having lunch or dinner outdoors. Whilst it is rare to eat outdoors in the winter, our range of patio heaters are sure to keep everyone warm whilst you sit outdoors.

Alternatively, our brilliant fire pit sets are a great way to keep warm outside, you could even toast some marshmallows over the flames. Plus, these sets are child friendly as they come with a handy wind guard which prevents the flames from blowing across the table and stops little fingers from reaching into the flame.

If you are continuing to use your garden furniture throughout the winter then you will want to keep it free from dirt, fallen leaves, frost and water so that it is always ready to use when the weather permits. The best way to do this is to cover your furniture with a weatherproof, protective cover. The covers are easy to put on and take off and keep your furniture clean as well as protected from the elements. However, always remember to remove your cushions before attaching the cover as they should not be left underneath.

If you want a place to store your garden furniture cushions during the winter months, we recommend a cushion storage bag. This bag will keep your cushions stored neatly and keep them free from dust and dirt as well as keeping them dry and safe from the harsh winter weather. For extra protection, we recommend storing the cushion storage bag inside a garage or shed.

If you need any information on storing cushions or covering your garden furniture, our knowledgeable sales team are always on hand to offer expert advice.