Whether you’re planning to put your garden to bed for winter, or you want it to continue to thrive throughout the winter, you’ll need an action plan to make this happen. Below we have included two 5 step plans for whatever you plan to do with your garden this winter.

Keeping Your Garden Thriving

Many more of us are spending more time outdoors and in our gardens across the winter period than ever before. If you want to be one of these people, you can follow our simple 5-step plan below to ensure your garden looks its best throughout winter.

1. Know and Understand Winter Plants

It’s important to do your research and know which of your plants will survive the winter, whether any need any extra care and whether you need to add any more to ensure you have a healthy, blooming garden throughout this time.

Add Texture and Volume

Speak to your local garden centre for advice and if you plan to do more planting make sure you use the autumn months to do this before the ground gets too hard to dig.

2. Add Texture and Volume

Adding texture and volume to your winter garden is the perfect way to ensure it looks nice, even when dusted with a layer of snow. Topiary balls are a perfect way to do this or, if you have the time, a nice hedge trimmed into a unique shape can work well.

3. Fruiting Plants and Berries

For an easy way to carry colour into your garden throughout winter, hardy fruiting plants and berry-producing shrubs are perfect. Most of these plants are easy to grow and don’t require much pruning. This means you garden will still look colourful against a bleak background.

Firepit Tables

4. Firepit Garden Furniture

There’s no point to making your garden look welcoming and inviting for the winter if you don’t have anywhere to sit and enjoy it. A firepit table is the perfect way to create somewhere warm and cosy to sit whilst enjoying the fresh air and the look of your winter garden.

We always recommend a gas firepit rather than a wood or coal burner as then you don’t have to combat the smoke which can often ruin a cosy atmosphere.

5. Add a Patio Heater

If you don’t plan on eating meals or enjoying a lengthy drink outdoors throughout the winter, but you do want to enjoy a morning cup of tea outside in your gorgeous garden, then instead of a firepit table we recommend a handy patio heater to keep you nice and toasty.

Putting Your Garden to Bed

If instead of keeping your garden going throughout the winter, you prefer to put it to bed then here is our 5-step plan to making sure everything is safe and protected.

1. Protect your Plants

If you have bedded plants that should last more than one season, make sure you protect them from the frost. To do this we recommend either moving them to a greenhouse or if you don’t have one of these you can cover beds with a cloche or other protective materials.

Large Rattan Storage Box

2. Store your Garden Furniture Cushions

It is important to always store your garden furniture cushions indoors throughout these damp months to ensure no irreversible water damage is done. We recommend storing these cushions in a storage bag and then placing this in a shed, garage or loft for further protection.

Alternatively, you can place your cushions in a storage box, providing you also cover this storage box with a winter cover to ensure it is watertight.

3. Cover your Garden Furniture

Cover your garden furniture with a weatherproof winter cover to ensure it is protected from frost, snow and dirt from falling leaves. Ensure the cover is tied tightly to stop it coming lose in the wind. Never leave your cushions under the cover.

Bring your Rattan Garden Furniture Indoors

4. Bring Furniture Indoors

If you would prefer not to leave your garden furniture outdoors, or you know it is a material like wood or plastic that will not fare well in the harsh winter weather conditions, you should store your furniture indoors.

For materials like rattan, whilst you can leave this outside, they also make fantastic additions to a conservatory throughout the winter.

5. Sweep the Patio

Give the patio one last sweep and if you have a lawn, give it a final mow. Pull out any weeds and put it to bed for the season.

For more advice on garden furniture and how to look after it throughout the winter, we recommend speaking to one of our customer service advisors.