Gone are the days when you need to lock the back doors and pretend the garden doesn’t exist until the spring. Some useful developments in patio accessories and garden furniture make it possible to use your outdoor space all year round. Here, we have outlined the top winter classics for your patio.

To enjoy your outdoor space throughout winter, you will need some great patio accessories that keep your space warm, well lit and clean. Get them all or pick your favourites from our winter classics list:

Patio Heater

Patio Heaters

The top choice for any patio space throughout winter has to be a patio heater. From freestanding heaters to table-top or wall-mounted options, there is a patio heater for every space that will no doubt warm up your seating area but also cast light over your outdoor space, allowing you to spend many a winter evening outdoors.

Firepit Table

Like a patio heater, firepit tables are perfect for warming up your outdoor space throughout winter. Unlike patio heaters, firepit tables add a lovely, picturesque look to your garden as well as offering a cosy ambience. Plus, you will not need to plug in a firepit, although you will need to either burn coal or wood or have a gas bottle.

Firepit Table

We always recommend a gas firepit as you do not get any black smoke clouding the air and you do not end up smelling of smoke, making it a much cleaner alternative to a wood or coal burner.

Storage Box

Thanks to the cold and damp weather, you are unable to leave your garden furniture cushions on the furniture throughout winter. However, if you are planning on using your furniture during these colder months you do not want to lock them away in a shed or garage. A great alternative is a storage bag or box which will keep the harshest elements away from the garden furniture cushions and allow you to get them out with ease when you wish to use the furniture.

Large Rattan Storage Box

Garden Furniture Cover

The last thing you want when you come to use your garden furniture is for it to be covered in leaves, bird droppings and other dirt so that you have to spend ages cleaning it before you can sit comfortably. So, we recommend a weatherproof garden furniture cover which will keep this dirt away from your furniture and keep it dry so that you can simply take off the cover when you are ready to use the furniture.

You should never leave your garden furniture cushions under the cover, so we do recommend still opting for a storage box or bag when using a cover.

Rattan Garden Furniture

Weatherproof Covers

If you want a furniture type that you can use all year round, we recommend rattan garden furniture. In the UK we offer synthetic rattan which is highly weatherproof and can be left outside all year, is incredibly low maintenance and does not cling to water like other materials such as wood would.

Plus, high-quality synthetic rattan is made with aluminium framework which will not rust and therefore will not leave orange pools of rust on your patio which are extremely difficult to remove.

Even when left outside all winter, uncovered, this will have no effect on the longevity of rattan furniture meaning it is perfect for use throughout winter.

Any of these winter classics will improve your outdoor patio space and make the area usable throughout the colder months.