With winter well underway, many people want to know what they need to do to protect their rattan garden furniture this winter and whether they need to store the furniture indoors. In this blog, we’ve uncovered when rattan is safe to be left outdoors and when it might not survive the winter.

Winter Rattan

The first thing you need to know to establish whether your rattan is weatherproof and therefore safe to be left outside is does it have aluminium frames? This information should be easily accessible from the retailer or you can tell by the weight of your furniture. Steel frames are much heavier and difficult to lift whereas aluminium frames are lightweight and easy to move around.

These aluminium frames are rustproof and therefore safe to be left outside. If your furniture has steel frames then rust will occur, damaging the integrity of the furniture and also leaving orange rust stains on your patio or decking.

The second thing that makes rattan furniture weatherproof is the material used. If your furniture uses synthetic PE/HDPE rattan then your furniture is not only fine to be left outside throughout the winter, but it is also resistant to frost, snow and UV rays meaning the furniture will not crack or go brittle in the cold temperatures and it will not fade in the bright winter sunlight.

Weatherproof Covers

However, if your furniture is authentic, natural rattan or synthetic PU or PVC rattan then this furniture will not survive being left outdoors throughout the winter. If you are unsure what material your furniture is then you can often tell by the guarantee that was offered with the rattan. HDPE/PE furniture will often come with a lengthy guarantee of 3 years plus. However, PU or PVC will typically only come with a 1-year guarantee.

So, if your furniture is made using aluminium framework and HDPE/PE synthetic rattan then your furniture can be left outside throughout the winter, whereas other materials should definitely be stored indoors or securely covered.

The important thing to know about rattan furniture is that ALL cushions should be stored indoors throughout the winter. Your rattan may be weatherproof, but the cushions are not built to withstand the harsh winter environment.

For those wishing to cover their furniture, whether this be for extra protection or as a solution for furniture that cannot be stored away, we offer a range of weatherproof covers which are designed to be a secure fit and also protect the furniture from dirt. It is important that all cushions are removed and stored indoors when using the covers as, if left underneath, the cushions will experience mould and mildew.

If you need any advice on whether your rattan garden furniture is fully weatherproof or if you’re looking to cover your furniture, feel free to contact us for more information or visit us in store to speak to one of our knowledgeable sales team.