We seem to be getting more and more phone calls asking why our rattan cube set seems to be a little more expensive than other cube sets on the market.  Our customers are surprised at this as they tell us that everything else on our website is the outstanding value and often the cheapest available.  So why are our rattan cube sets not the cheapest available? Well there are several reasons behind this but I would firstly like to say that we do not aim to be the cheapest rattan garden furniture available but more the best quality for the best price.  In other words we want to make sure that you can not buy as good a quality of rattan furniture for a lower price than us.  So from that respect we are the cheapest available for the quality we offer. There is always someone trying to sneak into a marketplace with a lesser quality product at a cheaper price.  There is a very good reason why these products are cheaper!  They are simply not as good a quality.  These cheaper sets use inferior frames and brittle plastic rattan weaves that do not last the test of time.  Anyway I was meant to be explaining why our cube is still the best value cube available today. I think the most important thing when buying your rattan cube set is the comfort.  Our chairs are wider, deeper and stronger then the cheap cubes you often see passing them off as the same thing.  This size difference makes a difference when assessing the comfort.  More importantly than the size is the fold up back you get with our cube.  I would strongly advise that you do not purchase a cube set without a fold up back.  The reason for this is simple.  You may have a cushion on the back but as soon as you lean back the cushion just gives way and you are left very uncomfortable. So, the first thing you need to check is that the cube has a fold up back.  The second thing you need to check is that the cushions are zipped and washable.  I saw a cheap cube the other day that did not have fold up back and did not have washable cushions.  The cushions were white and would therefore pick up the dirt in no time at all.  The set will look dirty and ruined before you know it.  In our case the cushions are zipped and washable and therefore the set will last you for many years. Having said all that we are selling more rattan cubes sets than ever before so maybe people already know the differences!!