There are plenty of hot new trends available on the market right now, but none as hot as the rattan fire pit table – pun intended! Here, we’ve highlighted why you need a rattan fire pit table for your patio.

Typically, in Britain we only get to enjoy one or two months a year in our garden’s and at Zebrano we don’t think that is enough. We work hard for our homes and want to spend as much time as possible enjoying our gardens, but the weather just doesn’t permit. In fact, according to a study by herbal tea brand, Honest, Brits relax outdoors for less than 4 hours a week, stating that “it is often wet and dirty.”
Rattan Fire Pit Table

Another study by says that when we are spending time in our gardens, it is for gardening jobs and not relaxing. According to the study, on average, Brits spend 5,675 hours preening and maintaining our gardens in a lifetime.

With so many jobs to do in our garden, we should make time to relax as well. Well, that’s where the rattan fire pit table comes in. Rattan is incredibly low maintenance and rarely needs cleaning and doesn’t need to be stored away, meaning that’s not another job added to the gardening list. Plus, the fire pit allows you to enjoy your garden year-round and not just in the summer months, therefore increasing the time spent relaxing in the garden, as opposed to just doing jobs.

Just like a patio heater would, the fire pit adds heat and warmth to your garden. However, unlike a patio heater, you don’t need to plug it in and have wires running around the garden, ramping up your electricity bill. Our range of rattan fire pit tables are gas operated and even have space to store the gas bottles out of site, keeping your garden free from gas hoses and looking as tidy as possible.
Space to Dine - Rattan Fire Pit Table

Additionally, the fire pit being the centre of the dining table allows you and your guests to sit around the table and enjoy socialising with a glass of wine or some snacks. The fire pit creates heat as well as looking impressive and inviting, allowing you to use your garden all year round.

When the summer comes and it’s too warm for the fire, the fire pit can be covered with a handy lid and this allows for more space for al fresco dining. Al fresco dining is a great way to enjoy socialising in the garden and can help increase our time spent outdoors. Spending time outdoors has been proven to lead to significant health benefits such as improving blood pressure and boosting mental health, so it is important to enjoy as much time outdoors as possible.
Social Setup - Rattan Fire Pit Table

In fact, the Daily Mail reported that the secret to happiness is spending more time in the garden. Zebrano has to agree and believes that dining sets are a great way to encourage outdoor activities and socialising outdoors. A rattan fire pit dining set is a great way to encourage spending time outdoors which is not limited to hot weather, which can be unpredictable in this country. It also means that time outdoors can be extended as when it begins to get dark and cooler of an evening, the fire pit will add both light and warmth, allowing people to increase the amount of time they spend outdoors.

Zebrano expects to see rattan fire pit dining sets be an incredible success for years to come as it is the latest trend on the market that allows Brit’s to make the most of their outdoor space.

If you’re looking for a rattan fire pit dining set we recommend a visit to our showroom so that you can be shown how they work, alternatively our customer service team are always on hand to offer advice and information.