There are two major reasons why now is the best time to buy rattan garden furniture. 1.    It is out of season and therefore garden furniture specialists will be doing significant discounts to attract sales. 2.    The weather was dreadful last summer and many garden furniture specialists will be sitting on significant stock levels. Let’s take each point on its own and I will explain why now is such a good time to forward plan and purchase your rattan outdoor furniture.  The out of season point is a classic for any business of a seasonal nature.  Buying ski gear or winter cloths in the summer has always been a good move for the thriftier among us.  How about buying ice creams in the snow?  Seasonal businesses are always trying to find ways to create sales in the quiet times.  Often they will resort to price slashing to try to create some cash flow.  Therefore there are often bargains to be had. That said you are restricted to what is in stock.  You will not be able to get the latest designs if you are buying out of season.  The heavily discounted items will be those that do not sell as well in the prime selling months or possibly end of line items or maybe even shop soiled items.  In the rattan garden furniture world you can still pick up a great deal as last years designs are often great value.  Sometimes it’s hard to see the difference between last year model and this year!  Therefore you can pick up something that looks great at a fraction of the costs. The second point is the dreadful weather we had last summer.  This is a key point as it means that many suppliers will have been left with stock due to low demand towards the end of the season.  Several customers will have put off a purchase due to the bad weather and instead will be looking to buy their garden furniture at the beginning of next season.  This means two things.  Firstly, there is surplus stock around at this very moment that could possibly be picked up at discounted prices.  Secondly, the beginning of next season is likely to be very busy with high levels of demand.  Waiting until the beginning of the season is therefore a risky strategy as most retailers will be inundated not only with the usual buyers but also all those that put off buying last year due to the weather! If you have had your hear set on a particular item and intend to get this item next summer then you would be well advised to take a look around the market over the next few weeks.  I know its Christmas but as explained above it could well be the best time to pick up a really good deal. For all of Zebrano Rattan’s best deals, check out our rattan garden furniture sale page. Author