Garden furniture technology is advancing at a rapid rate, here we look at how the latest development in rising rattan tables could help you save space and save money.

There are many different reasons people enjoy using their gardens, from dining al fresco, to relaxing with a good book, to hosting a barbecue, to working on that summer tan, and all of them require different pieces of garden furniture. However, one of the latest developments in garden furniture technology, the rattan rising table, is helping to overcome the need for multiple furniture sets.

Rising Tables

The rising table is a brilliant space saver as its versatile use means that people no longer have to purchase both a casual dining table and a coffee table, which means having to continuously swap the furniture out and find places to store the furniture. Instead, just purchasing a rattan rising table means that you can easily swap between a full-size dining table and a coffee table with ease. This means that instead of lugging furniture about the garden or in and out of storage, in a few simple motions you can switch from one to the other.

This easy switching ability is ideal when you want to go from relaxing by yourself with a good book and a cup of tea to hosting a garden party with barbecue food and plenty of guests. Not only then, does this save space in your garden, but it also saves you money. No longer will you have to purchase multiple garden furniture pieces to get what you want but instead just one set will be enough.

This statement is especially true for one new product we have brought into stock this year. The Windsor Rising Sofa Dining Daybed Set can not only switch between coffee table to dining table but can also become a comfortable daybed. When using the sofa pieces with the adjustable table at coffee table height, this makes a wonderful place to sit and relax with guests. When using the table at dining height with the sofa pieces and benches it makes a wonderful place to dine and entertain. But when all of the sections are combined, with the table at coffee table height and a cushion added, this set transforms into a daybed where you can sunbathe and relax.

Windsor Sofa Dining Daybed Set

Modular furniture has been incredibly popular for years, but these rising tables are taking modular to a new level, allowing you not to only adjust the layout of your furniture but to completely convert it into a brand-new set. With garden furniture technology still advancing, who knows what you will be able to convert your furniture into in the future!

If you’re looking for modular furniture and want to know more about our height adjustable rising tables, we recommend visiting us in store or speaking to one of our customer service advisors via telephone.