I have been quite busy delivering accessories range from rattan storage box, parasols, to rattan garden furniture covers to our customers. I love the way they love their rattan suits, making sure to keep them safe and clean, and that’s really the right way to go. With the cover, their suite would be well protected during this winter, safe from any debris and other mess.  The storage box, which is made from synthetic rattan, is always favorite purchase because this box is really functional. Besides, it is also resistant to extremes weather. I like to keep some of the kids outdoor toys in our rattan storage box.   While you need not worry about your furniture, it is all weather after all, we could all do with some money saving energy tips as energy prices are going through the roof.  Energy is getting more expensive nowadays, and we need to be very wise especially during winter when energy consumption is relatively higher. Here are only some lists, and you could always add your own effective ways: •    Seal leak airs •    Set the thermostat between 65 and 70 degrees during the day and to 58 degrees at night •    Seal off fireplaces area to prevent from cold air leak •    Seal duct work at joints and intersections with good sealer •    Lower the water heater to reduce the fuel consumption •    Weather-strip the doors and windows to prevent air leak •    Add insulation blanket to water heater Other smart efforts based on daily habits would be really helpful too, like brewing with the amount of water we need, using washing machine optimally and surely by using energy-saving light bulbs only. Stay safe and warm this winter.