Rattan garden furniture is incredibly versatile and looks great in any location, but where’s best for your rattan furniture, the patio, the decking area, the lawn or on artificial grass?

Rattan garden furniture is very low maintenance and typically problem free, however, when leaving your garden furniture in the same place for a long time it is important to ensure you look after the space as well as the furniture itself.

Natural Grass

The above statement is especially true for natural grass. If you have your garden furniture on the lawn, we recommend moving it occasionally to avoid dead patches. If one patch of grass is being covered for a long time, not getting enough sunlight and not getting enough water, it is likely to die. This could leave you with bare patches of lawn and even muddy swamp-like areas if there is a bout of heavy rain.

Rattan Loungers on Grass

If you move your furniture regularly, mow your grass regularly and even plant new seeds or treat your grass regularly you will avoid these problems.

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is much friendlier for smaller garden spaces with garden furniture. This is because you may not have the space to continuously move your garden furniture to new locations and therefore it will remain in one place all year round. This is fine for artificial grass as it does not need to be mowed or watered, leaving you free to keep your garden furniture in its desired location.

However, artificial grass can be more expensive, typically costing around £60-£75 per square metre, compared to natural grass which can be as low as £3. But, with less maintenance involved and a life expectancy of around 15 years, many more people are opting for artificial grass.

Rattan Furniture on Decking


Decking can be a tricky area to maintain, especially with garden furniture on board. If you want some rattan furniture for your decking, we highly recommend doing your homework and ensuring you have a high-quality rattan made with powder coated aluminium framework and NOT steel. Steel frames will rust when exposed to damp conditions, which are more than common in the UK, and will leave pools of orange rust on your decking which CANNOT be removed. No matter how hard you scrub, these orange rust stains are impossible to remove and can completely ruin the look of your decking.

The decking itself will need to be regularly cared for and treated with paint and varnish to avoid fading. It can also become dirty and extremely slippery when wet so will need to be treated with non-slip varnish.

According to an article on the Daily Mail, whilst decking has grown in popularity, patios add more value to a property as they are more permanent features and require less maintenance. So, if you’re planning on selling your property any time soon, if you’re considering a decking it may be time to rethink.

Rattan Furniture on Patios


A patio is built to last a lifetime and is often a permanent garden feature. So, when choosing a patio, it is important to consider lasting style and character. Building a patio if you don’t already have one can be extremely expensive, much more so than decking, but they are much easier to maintain.

Patios often only require a clean once a year, where you can simply jet wash any dirt away, and perhaps get down on hands and knees to pull up any weeds, or moss that are proving more difficult to remove.

As rattan garden furniture also requires little maintenance, the two paired together makes for a great look that rarely requires looking after.

Wherever you choose to keep your rattan garden furniture, the furniture itself offers incredible style and comfort and looks brilliant wherever you choose. A wonderful set of rattan sun loungers would look stunning on the lawn, a comfortable sofa set is ideal for relaxing on a patio and a casual dining set looks perfect and spacious on decking.

If you’re looking to add some rattan garden furniture to your space, whether it be grass, patio or decking, we recommend visiting us in store to view the furniture, measure up and get advice from our knowledgeable sales advisors.