With it being winter many people may have put their garden furniture away or covered it to keep it protected from the harsh weather. However, if you own rattan garden furniture or are considering purchasing rattan garden furniture then you don’t have to wait until the summer or even the spring to use your furniture again, you can get your furniture back out now.

Weatherproof Rattan Garden Furniture

The reason rattan garden furniture users don’t have to wait to use their garden furniture is because of the extremely weatherproof nature of rattan garden furniture. So, whether you fancy your breakfast out on the balcony on a crisp winter morning or you’re hosting a dinner party and you’d prefer to contain the mess to your outside space, your rattan furniture is just waiting for some use.

All of our rattan garden furniture is made from HDPE rattan which is incredibly weather resistant and can survive in temperatures down to -20°C without becoming brittle or cracking. Additionally, the framework is made with powder coated aluminium which is extremely rustproof and does not damage even when exposed to damp or cold conditions. This means that as soon as the sun starts shining you can enjoy the furniture straight away.

Rattan Patio Heater

If you think it’s too cold to be sitting outdoors but your dying to use your rattan furniture, maybe it’s new or maybe you just remember the comfort from previous years, we suggest a patio heater or a firepit to help keep you and your guests warm. We even offer some great rattan patio heaters that will match your rattan furniture perfectly as well as being weatherproof themselves.

If you’re not worried about the cold and you’re no longer worried about the weatherproof nature of your rattan, but you are worried about the furniture getting dirty from frost, snow or falling leaves then a great way to keep your furniture clean and ready to use is to cover the furniture with a weatherproof cover.

Our range of covers help to keep dirt away from the furniture so that you can simply pull the cover off and enjoy the furniture when you are ready to use. Just remember not to store your garden furniture cushions under the cover and to take them indoors overnight or in bad weather.

If you want to use your garden furniture straight away, then we recommend visiting us in store or giving us a call to find your perfect rattan furniture set.