Traditional rattan

What's the difference between traditional rattan and all weather Rattan Garden Furniture?

We may well have covered this question in our series of articles featured in our about rattan garden furniture page so forgive me if I am covering old ground here. It is a question that is often asked so I feel it is worthy of a place in our Rattan Q and A. The most fundamental difference between the traditional rattan and the rattan used in rattan garden furniture is that one is man made and one is a natural product.

Traditional rattan is a natural product which has been used in the production of furniture for hundreds or rather thousands of years. It is grown primarily in the Far East with the majority of today’s rattan coming from Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Traditional rattan is a fast growing plant that has similar qualities to that of bamboo. Namely that it is fast growing, strong and resilient. Bamboo itself is often used in the manufacture of traditional rattan furniture as the frame around which the rattan is woven.

The modern day rattan used in the manufacture of Zebrano rattan garden furniture is a man mad resign synthetic product similar to that of PVC. The weaving process is similar to that of the traditional rattan but that’s where the similarities end. Well you could also say that the all weather rattan has the same aesthetic appeal as well as the same strength in terms of build quality.  The all weather rattan is in simple terms a plastic copy of the original natural rattan.  It has been manufactured in PVC for good reason as it is not only hard wearing but also fade resistant and available in several color ways.

In conclusion the all weather rattan that has become so popular is a man made replica of the traditional natural rattan. They can often look very similar as you can get the resign weave rattan in a natural color and it can be very difficult to tell them apart. The difference will be apparent if the product was left out in the elements as the traditional natural rattan will not weather very well. As we are all very aware of by now the rattan garden furniture or the modern rattan is very hardy and can live outside all year round.

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