If you want to continue to use your garden furniture in the winter then we believe the best way to do so is to accompany it with a patio heater to keep you nice and warm, when outdoors. But what patio heater is best for the winter, we outline the differences and reveal the best option here:

Parasol Heater

Parasol Heaters

Whilst parasol heaters are ideal for al fresco dining, they are not the best option for winter use and are more practical in the summer when you want to extend your dinner party that little while longer. This is because most parasols are not designed for use in the winter and can suffer extreme damage in windy conditions, which is common in the winter. High winds will mean you can’t put your parasol up, which in turn means you cannot use your attachable parasol heater.

Freestanding Patio Heaters

Suspended Patio Heaters

Suspended patio heaters work well when hanging from beams or walls and can generate lots of heat over your dining or sofa area. However, if the wind picks up the heater may blow around this could be dangerous. However, if you suspend your heater in a sheltered area that is protected from wind it is ideal.

Table Top Heaters

Table top heaters are perfect for the winter, these heaters will sit atop your dining table or coffee table and produce plenty of heat to keep you warm. They will not move around and do not take up too much space, leaving you room to relax or dine outdoors.

Freestanding Patio Heaters

Our range of freestanding patio heaters get our vote for the best winter heater. This is because they generate lots of heat and can be used in conjunction with dining tables, sofa sets, corner sofas, casual dining sets and even daybeds. This means that no matter what furniture you are using in the winter you can be kept warm. Plus, they have a clever tip-over switch which means that should high winds pick up mid use or someone accidentally knocks the heater over, the heater will switch off automatically, keeping everybody safe.

If you would like to feel the heat or see the heaters in person, we recommend visiting one of our showrooms where our customer service advisors can show you the features of our heaters and help you choose your favourite.