Synthetic rattan is a man made material used to primarily manufacture garden furniture. The term “rattan furniture” might have different meanings to different people. You might read about rattan furniture and assume it refers to furniture that is made from natural rattan fibers. These are the fibers that come from the stems of climbing palm plants and trees. If you can properly maintain natural rattan furniture under the right conditions, it will last at least 10 years. However, a lot of people don’t want to bother maintaining their furniture.  This requires too much time, energy, and effort. They want to be able to just leave their furniture outdoors without any worries or hassles.

Unfortunately, this is not a luxury that natural rattan can provide. The organic nature of these fibers means they are susceptible to mold and deterioration from water and humidity. In fact, even the UV rays from the sun will cause the fiber to fade and lose its natural aesthetic appeal. If you just left natural rattan furniture outside all year round and performed no maintenance on it, then it would likely break and be deemed unsalvageable. This means you would not be able to repair the furniture and instead, be forced to purchase new furniture.

Synthetic rattan is formulated from polyethylene.

The good news is that there is another type of rattan furniture which is not based on natural rattan fibers. This is the synthetic rattan material which has all the benefits that natural rattan does not have. Because it is synthetic, the rattan is not actually authentic rattan. It is formulated from a synthetic resin called polyethylene which you can find in other everyday products like plastic bags and plastic food containers. When polyethylene is used as the basis for synthetic rattan, it is formulated to resemble the authentic natural fibers. That is why it is still called “rattan,” even though technically it is not.

When it comes to food choices, we often associate the word “synthetic” as being synonymous with fake or unhealthy. After all, the most nutritious foods on the market are those which are “natural” and “real".  If you were to consume any synthetic foods that were only made to look real, then it would be bad for your health. However, the same logic does not apply to synthetic furniture because you are not consuming it. At the same time, no other organisms will be consuming it either, such as mold, bacteria, and insects. Organisms only want to feed and nest on organic matter. So, if you have synthetic rattan material in your furniture, then no living thing will want to bother with it.

For example, if it rains outside and water pours down onto your synthetic rattan furniture, you don’t have to worry about mold spores forming and spreading on the material because there is no organic matter for them to feed on. That is why synthetic rattan furniture is marketed as being weatherproof and waterproof. It can withstand virtually all types of weather conditions and never get deteriorated or faded from them. For people who like to leave their furniture outdoors and never maintain them, synthetic rattan furniture would be an absolute dream for this reason. The only things you would ever have to worry about in terms of weather are hurricanes or unusually severe weather conditions that happen once in a long while.

Is PE rattan ideal for outdoor use?

As you can see, PE Rattan or synthetic rattan is better than natural rattan because of its resistance to climate and environmental weather conditions. You will find that synthetic rattan will cost a little more money than natural rattan, but this should not be a surprise. Synthetic rattan must be formulated and manufactured which takes more time and expense for companies to do. Therefore, they need to charge more money to the end user to make up for this additional expense they incur. Meanwhile, natural rattan furniture is priced cheaper because the manufacturing process simply involves weaving the actual material taken from the palm plant.

While some consumers might instantly freak out when they see higher prices on certain rattan furniture, they may not realize that it is synthetic rattan and not natural rattan. A lot of furniture companies which sell rattan furniture do not usually specify in their direct marketing whether the furniture is natural or synthetic. Often the public do not know the benefits of synthetic rattan versus natural rattan. Like mentioned before, they will see the word “synthetic” and just associate it with what they know about synthetic food being bad. Then they will assume that synthetic furniture must be cheaper and lower quality, which it is not.

Therefore, what furniture companies tend to do is they label their synthetic furniture products as just “rattan furniture” so that they don’t scare consumers away. When consumers read the information about the furniture online or at the physical store, they will learn about all these extra benefits like “100% waterproof” and “100% weatherproof.” This will make them want to purchase the furniture because they know that they can leave the furniture outside and not worry about it falling apart. But what they may not understand is why the furniture is waterproof and weatherproof. In most cases, the consumer won’t even care as long as those guarantees are true.

As more articles like this get written about synthetic furniture, more consumers are finally learning about it and understanding why it is better than natural fibrous furniture. However, don’t expect furniture companies to start labeling their products as “synthetic” anytime soon. You still must take it upon yourself to research the company and ask questions to their customer support team about what type of rattan material it is. You’ll simply want to know if it is natural or synthetic rattan. This will tell you everything that you need to know about the furniture.

If for some reason you cannot get a direct answer on whether it is synthetic or rattan, then just look at the promises in which they advertisement states. Does the advertisement state that it is weatherproof and/or waterproof? Does it state that the rattan material will last at least 50 years or longer? Does it have good reviews on the internet from other people who say it is durable and strong? If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, then it is likely synthetic rattan furniture. This means it is worth the investment to purchase it. Of course, you should be able to get a direct answer about whether it is synthetic. If the customer support team doesn’t know, just read the fine print on their FAQ or About pages. You might find the truth listed there.

Long lasting garden furniture.

And yes, synthetic rattan furniture should last you 50 years or longer. Since the material is impervious to deterioration and decay, there is no reason that it shouldn’t last you for the rest of your life. In fact, you will never have to purchase another rattan furniture set ever again if you choose the synthetic kind. Think about how much money that will save you in the long run, especially if you are younger and just purchased your first property. You can keep reusing the synthetic furniture set for every subsequent home that you purchase in your life. Then, after you pass away, you can leave it to your kids so that they can enjoy it too.

What is poly rattan material?

In conclusion the answer is that poly rattan is a man made material primarily used in garden furniture products. Generally it could be called PVC although PVC is used to describe a multitude of different products. Suffice to say that synthetic rattan is a plastic that comes in every different colour imaginable.

The synthetic rattan has a UV resistant element to it, which makes it colour fast, and therefore does not fade over time.  Our synthetic rattan is woven around an aluminum frame when we manufacture furniture. You can find it elsewhere in the market place woven around powder coated steel frames that again are for use in outdoor patio areas.

Synthetic rattan is used in the majority of all the rattan garden furniture that you will see on the market place today.  Zebrano Rattan have been importing and distributing synthetic rattan for many years now and are specialists in our field.  We have found that the combination of durability and practicality has been a powerful combination when it comes to surviving the British weather conditions.  To see our full range of products click here.