What is synthetic rattan? This seems like the right place to start off our questions and answers section, as it is the first thing anyone asks that is new to rattan garden furniture. The answer is that synthetic rattan is a man made material. Generally it could be called PVC although PCV is used to describe a multitude of different products. Suffice to say that synthetic rattan is a plastic that comes in every different colour imaginable. The synthetic rattan has a UV resistant element to it, which makes it colour fast, and therefore does not fade over time. In the case of Zebrano Rattan this synthetic rattan is woven around an aluminum frame to create our rattan garden furniture. You can find it elsewhere in the market place woven around powder coated steel frames that again are for use in outdoor patio areas.

Synthetic rattan is used in the majority of all the rattan garden furniture that you will see on the market place today.  Zebrano Rattan have been importing and distributing synthetic rattan for many years now and are specialists in our field.  We have found that the combination of durability and practicality has been a powerful combination when it comes to surviving the British weather conditions.  We have a whole section about rattan garden furniture that can be found by clicking here.