2020 is fast approaching and many of us are already keen for winter to be over and spring and summer to begin so that we can get out in our gardens. But what garden furniture should you be looking to buy in 2020? We’ve revealed all below.

Gas Fire Pit Tables

Gas Fire Pit Table

Gas fire pit tables are the perfect addition to any garden as they allow you to use your garden for longer each day, even when it’s chilly out. A gas fire pit table is warming and creates a lovely ambience in your garden that cannot be created by a standard table.

Whether you opt for a coffee table, dining table or casual dining table, we have plenty of options that contain a gas fire pit.

Extending/Modular Furniture

Modular garden furniture is furniture that can be set out in different layouts or transformed into something else. This furniture has always been popular as it allows people to use their garden furniture for different purposes and 2020 will be no different.

We recommend looking for extending garden furniture in 2020. These are sets that become larger when needed, for example a dining table that extends or splits into two tables and sofa pieces that have hidden extra seating within them.

Extending Garden Furniture

Extending furniture means that you can add extra space when needed but still maintain a less cluttered, more organised space, for most of the year.

Another thing to keep a look out for is modular furniture that you can add to, whether it be an extra chair, an extra footstool or a full sofa set. These pieces allow you to never become bored of your furniture and grow with you as your needs grow.

Polywood Tabletops

Typically, rattan garden furniture is topped with a tempered glass top but something we predict will be popular in 2020 is polywood tabletops. Polywood is stylish and offers a more unique appeal than a standard glass tabletop.

Polywood Tables

Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan will remain a popular garden furniture choice in 2020 as it is weatherproof, long-lasting and available in many colours and styles. Rattan garden furniture is designed to last and therefore you won’t need to replace it until your style changes, making it great value for money.

Rattan furniture in the UK is not natural rattan it is a synthetic rattan which allows it to survive in our damp, cold climate. Natural rattan would rot in the damp weather, so instead a synthetic substance that replicates the way rattan is weaved is used for our rattan garden furniture.

If you’re planning to buy new garden furniture in 2020 then we recommend purchasing your furniture in January or February. This time of year you will get the best deals and you will ensure your furniture arrives in time for spring or early summer in order to enjoy your furniture for the maximum amount of time during the hot months.