With so many colours on the market, it can be hard to know which colour of garden furniture is best for your outdoor space. Here, we take a look at the different colours for rattan garden furniture and what will work well for your garden.

Rattan garden furniture is popular for its low maintenance, no fuss nature as well as its style and range of colours which give you so many options for your patio furniture. Rattan garden furniture is also incredibly weather resistant and ideal for year-round use so if you can find something to match your outdoor space, we would always recommend rattan.

Grey Rattan with Grey Cushions

Grey Rattan with Grey Cushions

Grey rattan with grey cushions is the most popular choice for rattan furniture currently on the market. This is because it is a very modern colour that works well in both modern spaces and traditional gardens to give them a more up-to-date look.

Grey garden furniture looks best on grey decking or natural patio colours. If your furniture is being placed close to the wall, it also looks better against a neutral brick colour as opposed to a redder brick. Avoid yellowy or sandstone paving as well as harsh decking colours when choosing grey garden furniture.

We currently offer two types of grey rattan. A grey flat weave which is a light grey colour and a slate grey m weave which is much darker.

Brown Rattan with Beige Cushions

Brown Rattan with Beige Cushions

Only recently knocked off the top spot for being most popular by grey, brown rattan with beige cushions is still high on the list of popular furniture. This furniture looks ideal in a traditional garden space but can also fit well in modern environments.

Brown garden furniture looks perfect on sandstone paving or brown decking. It also looks best when in front of cream walls or can work well in front of red brick. Avoid grey decking or darker walls as this will make the area too dark.

We currently offer a stunning brown flat weave rattan garden furniture.

Natural Rattan with Beige Cushions

Natural Rattan with Beige Cushions

Natural or Willow rattan with beige cushions is a stylish colour that looks best in traditional, large gardens and is great for gardens with lots of different colourful flowers as this really complements the neutral colour of the rattan.

Like brown rattan, willow will look great against sandstone paving and brown decking but can work equally well on a grey patio and really thrives when partnered with natural bamboo fencing.

We currently offer a willow half round rattan option.

White Wash Rattan with Grey Cushions

White Wash Rattan with Grey Cushions

White Wash rattan with grey cushions is a lighter colour that can often be called grey but looks much lighter in the sunlight than your standard grey rattan.

Like grey rattan, white wash works well on grey decking and patios but it can also look great against darker brick and neutral decking meaning it can thrive in most any garden and bring a much more modern appearance to the setting.

We currently offer a white wash half round rattan option.

Black Rattan with Cream Cushions

Before grey took over the market, black rattan was an incredibly popular choice. Whilst it is less widely available now and typically used more in bars and restaurants than in homes it can still be found on the market in some places.

Black rattan looks best on a soft grey decking or similarly coloured patio, against a stone wall. Be careful not to partner this colour with yellow paving or red brick as the colours are too harsh against one another.

We do not currently offer any black rattan options.

If you’re looking for advice on what rattan furniture will best suit your space, be sure to contact one of our knowledgeable sales advisors.