The results are in from the Online Retail Awards and the verdict is ….Zebrano Rattan has won our Category!!  If you already follow us on Twitter or indeed Facebook then you will already know so an apology if this is old news.   For those that just follow our blog you would have been expecting the news yesterday but we only got the official notice late yesterday afternoon and have been to busy celebrating to update the blog!   We would have settled for a ‘highly commended’ which is what we received last year but to be honest we had longed to top our category. With very stiff competition from around the world we were not really sure how we would get on.  In the end it has turned out very well for the Zebrano team as we have been awarded the category winners.  It left me speechless which is saying something as I do like to talk! The judges wrote, “You don’t expect a furniture company to win the Garden & Gardening category, but then you look at what Zebrano has achieved in 12 months and why this category is so relevant to them, and it all becomes crystal clear. Outstanding progress.” We were very pleased with this on a number of levels not least that it had been recognized that our website has not stood still since last year’s nomination.  Instead we have continually tried to add new and exciting aspects to the site which hopefully leads to a better user experience.  It is not always easy trying to make rattan garden furniture exciting!  Anyway the bottom line is that we do all this to try and make the customer experience better so hopefully this award shows that we are moving in the right direction. My wife Zoe and I would like to thank all our team for there efforts.  A big thank you to Judy, Amanda, Kate, Maxine, Kev, Andrew and Ewan as this truly is a team effort.