There is a prediction that European restaurant scene will enter a new phase in dining with emphasis on fresh vegetables and eco-friendly food over the next five years. Considering the fact on increasing awareness related to water and resource scarcities, I personally think that the possibility of such change really makes sense. I am currently flat out juicing every fruit and vegetable I can get my hands on.  Aparently the juice of the fruit and the vegetables is full of all the vitamins and goodness you need.  I could do with loosing a few pounds so I am right up for this push towards healthy eating. I reckon that we need to eat in a similar way to you do when having a BBQ.  Fresh salads and meat have got to be Ok for a healthy diet, haven’t they?  I know your not supposed to eat to much meat but you have to get your protien from somewhere.  One of the girls in the office is on the caveman diet which basically sounds like meat and veg.  Carbs are the enemy these days. Anyway what is for sure is that you need some quality rattan furniture to enjoy your food on.  Surely great furniture is the finishing touch to a great meal?  The beauty of its design and the comfort of the furniture sets can always improve the quality of our dining, no matter what menus are being served. Even when you accidently have something spilt on the table, the glass tops make it easy to clean. With this rattan dining set, special dining during summer or winter is all great because this furniture set is indeed designed to stand all weathers and to be left outdoors year round.  That said, covers are available for the winter months if you’d rather keep your suite clean from birds and moss etc. The prediction that European restaurant will soon enter to a new culinary phase is concluded based on a recent survey carried out across 10 countries, among others: the UK, the US, France, China, Italy and Japan.  In time, vegetables are expected to become increasingly popular.   I was amazed to read that while we suugest five vegetables a day China suggest 20!  It’s no wonder we are all getting fatter!  Luckily our furniture is build with strength in mind and our chairs will have no problem fitting the larger gentleman in! For your finest dining moment, try this rattan dining set. The options vary from four seats to ten seats so that you can always place the order based on your need. No matter which choice you make, with our rattan dining sets you will have lots of time to enjoy!